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  1. chefbob

    Gaby Sanchez

    Just got word that I won a contest of his on Twitter to play Words with friends(scrabble). The best part is that I think our own Admin won as well. Let me know buddy. Havent been around here in awhile. Miss you guys.
  2. chefbob

    Manny Parra Perfect

    Box no story yet...
  3. chefbob


    phone skins....this is for my razr
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    The Body

  5. chefbob

    Terror Ready

  6. chefbob

    QB opinions

    so this week I have two good choices at QB and not sure who to start. Rex Grossman vs. SF David Carr vs. TEN Carr has been good as far as fantasy goes as well as Grossman so I don't know. I'm looking at Grossman more though. Thoughts?
  7. chefbob

    Official Dontrelle Willis Thread

    I actually clicked an ad for Nike+ and they had a clip with Dontrelle....kinda neat. Click the link, click the HOME icon, then "Exclusive New Music To Run To". :lol its all flash so there isn't a direct link that I can find anywhere sorry. I believe he's the first one on...
  8. chefbob

    Lyons Fired

    Steve Lyons Fired DETROIT (AP) -- Fox baseball broadcaster Steve Lyons has been fired for making a racially insensitive comment directed at colleague Lou Piniella's Hispanic heritage on the air during Game 3 of the American League championship series. The network confirmed Saturday that...
  9. chefbob

    Hey Green Day!!!

    WAKE UP!!!!!!!
  10. chefbob

    The Other 2Pac Thread

    and after 10 years, I still could care less. sorry guys, just my opinion. Still doesn't have the same impact as John Lennon, Huddie Ledbetter and the like.
  11. chefbob


    The title says it all. Obviously a typo, but still. btw I check on the defintion of Irony and this is a form. :lol I was kind of unsure.... Irony is a literary or rhetorical device in which there is a gap or incongruity between what a speaker or a writer says, and what is understood.
  12. chefbob

    Watch the Fishies Climb

    I came across this site and watched the wildcard race. It's amazing using this tool at how this team has risen from the ashes. Baseball Race
  13. chefbob


    I read half way through this article and I wanted to throw my opinion out there. Why does success always have to be about how big your payroll is? Really....tell me the last time the Yanks won the Series? Sure, the big payroll teams have a better chance at winning, but look at the Fish and what...
  14. chefbob

    Math geeks

    here is your God. Seriously, interesting story, although I haven't a clue what the heck it's really about. Russian refuses math's highest honor A reclusive Russian won the math world's highest honor Tuesday for solving a problem that has stumped some of the...
  15. chefbob


    I have to say that when I was between the ages of 10-17, I never sounded this ridiculous. I was checking my mail on and there is a "forum" area so I checked it out. This is a snippet of what I was subjected to. "Feel Sorry For Me, I Wanna Die!!!" you might have...
  16. chefbob


    Let's kick off with a little infidelity my honor!! Every time Timmy's mom had her boyfriend over, she put Timmy in the closet with his teddy bear. One day, hearing her husband coming up the stairs, she quickly shoved her boyfriend in with Timmy. "Gee...
  17. chefbob

    Twins Rotation

    Matt Garza of the Rochester Red Wings is having a phenomenal season. Here are his stats: How's that for a power pitcher that has control? 32 BB/154 K in 135.2 innings pitched. Scary Top 3: Francisco Liriano Johan Santana Matt Garza
  18. chefbob

    7 Star Hotel?

  19. chefbob


    Baby That Doesn't Age Pretty amazing, you gotta watch this... Baby
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    espn story

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