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    Which 15 Players Should The Marlins Protect In An Expansion Draft? - MLBTR What do you guys think and who would you protect? I went with Dickerson (we could possibly trade him for something of some value), Cooper (i think he’s gonna be a great DH), Stanek, Berti (I see him becoming a Miguel Rojas kind...
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    David Ortiz was shot in the Dominican Republic

    Holy crap....
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    Um, so it seems the marlins are now doing basically monthly, no contract ticket plans for $29.99. Being that I usually spend as much if not more on food than my ticket, it will probably help revenue some and help get people out to a random tuesday night game since it's pretty much "free" to go...
  4. marlinsmaniac

    3/30 Marlins vs Cubs postgame thread

    Incredible pitching! Great at bats all night from Rojas, and the first win of the season!
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    Tmobile offers free app to subscribers!

    Hey guys, not sure if you're aware or if there was already a thread, but I just got the year of free on that "tmobile tuesdays" app that tmobile makes you download to get rewards. works great and since I put it through a VPN and I can watch the marlins games. 
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    So Dee Gordon Dislocated his thumb today....

    dislocated left thumb for Dee Gordon #Marlins #TerribleNews #AllStarGame starter out a while. — Joe Frisaro (@JoeFrisaro) July 11, 2015We can all go home... Two starters voted in, zero actually play.  What the hell. It's hard to fault Dee for his hustle, it's what makes him great.  But how...
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    7/2 POSTGAME

    Fernandez is back! Fernandez put one WAY back!! And bour is making sure Morse Never sees first base again! Great game all around, and nice to see Rojas pick up three hits, though I'm sure that won't be a normal occurrence.
  8. marlinsmaniac

    6/12 Postgame

    Urena was clutch! Realest of the deals! And AJ Recovered nicely! Great win!
  9. marlinsmaniac

    I just moved to Gainesville...

    And I desperately need to know if the marlins are broadcasted on FSN and sun sports up here? Please lol
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    Screenshot of Hanley in grey uniform (MLB The Show '12)

    I think this really looks sweet, and knowing hanley, he's gonna find a way to really deck it out with his custom cleats/glove Not sure if this belongs here or if anyone cares but I'm just posting it lol Feel free to delete if it's in the wrong place
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    Randy Choate

    He's only faced lefties so far this spring and has a 12.46 ERA. Edwin put him in right now to face Cora, and on the first pitch he ripped a liner into the outfield. I do not overreact, and I'm not doing so right now. But come on! He hasn't had a single good outing and I think...
  12. marlinsmaniac

    2010 Blown Saves

    I could be off by one or two but I dont think by much. Obviously I remember coming back and winning a few of them. But I also remember more often than not we lost those games. I was wondering if someone had our record in those games in which we blew saves?
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    Me and my company (America's Premier Realty) recently partnered up with the fish. And because of that, we are running a great promotion that come opening day is going to pushed all across every medium available. We are buying ANYONE who buys/sells their home with our company season...
  14. marlinsmaniac

    Season ticket Question

    I wanna buy a full-season fish tank plan. how much does that cost? cuz i go to and it just gives me the prices of deposits. i wanna kno how much it is for adults and how much for kids please. thanks :thumbup
  15. marlinsmaniac

    Jimmy Dandypants

  16. marlinsmaniac

    Acorns & Knots

  17. marlinsmaniac

    Birth of a Candy Bar

    :lol :lol :lol :lol
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    Arizona in need of a center fielder

    01/26/2005 2:15 PM ET Around the Horn: Outfielders Gonzalez, Green solid at corners, but who will play CF? By Steve Gilbert / Luis Gonzalez will be playing with a pain-free elbow for the first time since early in 2003. (AP) The following is the fourth in a series of weekly...
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    Encarnacion to cubs for Kyle Farnsworth?

    With the losses of Sosa and Alou maybe they're in need of another outfielder. It's just an idea. I really want to trade encarnacion. I know he's gonna start whining whenever he gets benched for a few games.
  20. marlinsmaniac

    If we dont get Delgado

    A few names out there are travis lee, Robert Fick, Eric Karros, John Olerud, David segui and Todd Zeile. There is also the possibility that we trade for either Millar or Mientkewitz from Boston.
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