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  1. CyggyMarlin

    Noesi Sucks

    Here's your game thread... Noesi is fucking garbage
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    Updated Top 30 Prospects List
  4. CyggyMarlin

    Farewell To Intentional Walks

    LOL Mattingly needs to get with it
  5. CyggyMarlin

    Gulf Coast League started today Names to watch: Victor Mesa Jr (apparently he had bad luck - hit hard right at people all day but did walk twice) Tristan Pompey Nasim Nunez Ynmanol Marinez (International SS signing a few years...
  6. CyggyMarlin

    TOP 30 International Prospects

    Updated list... are we supposed to spend now or next signing period? We are linked to #10 and #24... both shortstops...
  7. CyggyMarlin

    Promotions Soon?

    Some players deserving early promotions to the next level...  Zac Gallen is 4-0 1.12 ERA in AAA...  Monte is Monte.... 4HR .307 in AAA Jose Devers (SS) 18G 73AB .370AVG in Single A Adv. H. Ramirez hitting .361 in AAA J. Encarnacion .349 in Single-A ------------------- Ones to watch for...
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    Sixto - Debut Thread

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    SCOOP: Here's why Marlins' rotation could be special

    By Joe Frisaro  @JoeFrisaro April 29, 2019 MIAMI -- As one, they watch each other’s between-starts throwing sessions, and during games sit together in the dugout, offering support and bouncing ideas off one another. Still coming together as a unit, Miami's rotation may have a combined 167 MLB...
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    AAA - NO (10-8) @ RR (11-7) - 8:05 PM AA - JAX (6-14) @ BLX (11-9) ...... JAX 11 BLX 6 FINAL (WIN!!!!) Yamamoto got lit early but gets 1st win of the season!! Justin Twine 2-3 with 2 RBIs!!!! ADV. A JUP (7-11) @ PMB (14-5) - 6:30 PM - Cabrera pitching tonight!!!! A - CLI VS BEL (8-10) - BEL 2...
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    Ok.  I understand the argument that Chen makes too much money to just get rid of him, but what is the excuse for Conley?  This guy is just plain horrible.  There has to be someone better to replace him with right now; he needs to go... After today, his line is:
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    Minor League Games Thread 4/23/19

    AAA - NO (10-8) (OFF) AA - JAX (5-13) BARF @ BLX (10-8) - 7:35P ADV. A - JUP (7-10) @ PMB (13-5) - 6:30P A - CLI (10-7) VS BEL (7-10) - CLI 5 BEL 4 FINAL (WIN!!!!)  CONNOR SCOTT 0-4 .... I know he is 19 but he gotta start hitting better
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    Minor League Games Thread 4/21/19

    AAA - OMA @ NO (8-8) - 2PM AA - JAX (5-11) @ BLX - 3:35PM ADV. A - JUP (OFF) A - CLI (OFF)
  14. CyggyMarlin

    Minor League Games Thread 4/20/19

    AAA --- NO (7-8) VS OMA - 7 PM AA --- JAX (5-10) @ BLX - 7:35PM ADV. A --- JUP (7-8) @ BRD - T1 A --- CLI (8-6) VS WIS - 7:30PM
  15. CyggyMarlin

    Minor League Games Thread 4/18/19

    NO late start time - NO 5 IOW 1 B6 - Harrison 2-4 with a triple .290 avg. JAX (5-9) LOSE TO bir 7-3 ... Guzman lit up 7 ER IN 4.1 IP JUP (7-7) LOSES IN EXTRAS 3-2 ...  Mesa 1-5 .260 CLI (7-6) WINS in extras!!! 5 to 4
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    Mattingly holds a meeting after Cubs sweep / Game Recap Yeah, start playing like major leaguers....
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    Gallen PCL POTW
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    One inning in the books... Nationals have 3 runs already.   Third time I have seen him pitch.  Brigham is just awful... He has more walks than K's and then he grooves one and they smash it.  I doubt he has a future with this team. On a side note, once again I see a Marlins infielder not hold a...
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    9-7 Fish at Pirates

    Straily VS Archer 2-0 Pirates early Straily sucks Why are we giving him starts?  Let the kids pitch
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    8-21-18 Yanks @ Fish - The Return Of Stanton

    Tanaka VS Pablo Lopez Ortega leads off with a walk.  So of course, with Tanaka's slow delivery, there is NO steal attempt at all during Realmuto's At-bat... JT pops out and then Ortega gets picked off first.   I'm sorry, but if we have nothing really to play for and we want to see what we have...
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