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  1. batato

    Thank you Jose for coming back!

    YEAH!  An exciting and Fun game!   Thank you Jose! I remember watching Dwight Gooden (yes im that old) come up with the Mets.  It was nearly a guaranteed win whenever he pitched because he seemed to barely give up any runs...ever.   If the opponent got a run, it was purely by luck.   As a teen...
  2. batato

    Worst Trades, Signings and Draft Picks in Marlins history

    I was thinking about Latos's next start and wondering if he's going to be another one of our Bust. So with that said, I like to see what most of us fans think the worst trades, signings and/or draft picks.  My list... 1) Miggy - this one hurt the most... we got Andrew Miller and a retiring...
  3. batato

    Went to today's (3/2/2013) game vs Mets and...

    i must say I can't dislike the team simply because Loria's still the owner. I still hope he goes at all cost. With that said... Yelich LF - WOW I am so impressed. This folks is a soon to be All Star. He even has the All Star attitude...he's very confident and knows he has...
  4. batato

    Mostly Every Team has it's Keepers

    TRADE WILLIS??? TRADE CABS??? what are we talking about? How is this even a consideration? Most teams have certain players that they will not trade period. Maybe we can offer Olson and Jacobs plus a few million to the Cards for Albert. The cards would just say...he's not for...
  5. batato


    I don't know about you guys. But there seemed to be some decent pitchers in that WBC that are probably delivering mail at this time. Some of them Mexican, Canadian and even Korean arms looked quite better than what we currently have. Anyone know if most these cats are tied up in the...
  6. batato

    Can the Marlins Break the Record this season?

    Year Team Record Finish 1962 Mets 3-15 40-120 the 62 Mets only won 40 games. Do you think our Fish can make History and top this performance? personally, I don't think it'll happen. But it would surely be a nice slap in the face to Loria and co.
  7. batato

    Alex Cintron and Alex Cora

    I was watching the Mets vs PR today and saw how good these two clowns are. Alex Cintron is making $360k to eat the bench in Arz and Alex Cora is going to eat a lot of bench in Boston Granted Cora's no spring chicken...but at 31 he can help develope some of these kids. Wonder if...
  8. batato

    Marlin wins in April

    with the fish playing Houston, Mets, SD, WSH, Cinn, Phi, Cubs and Col in the month of April (24 Games)... How many wins will the fish get? I say 6 wins in the month of April...a hugh difference from last years guess but considering everything, this is my guess.
  9. batato


    This should be a poll but I'd rather hear what people think. Do you think a team coming to play a 3 game series vs the Marlins (keep in mind a true minor league team) this season would be disappointed if they don't sweep? I would have to say Yes to this...only teams like the DRays...
  10. batato

    For Spanish Speaking People

    this is to funny to not share with others... Basically a NY radio station called Manolo (super of a building) on a tip from a tenant that his nick name is Cabeza de Huevo. download part 3 first...thats the first one
  11. batato

    Hard to Watch

    Well it's evident that we are sorely missing some middle relief. I'm glad we have young guns that can fill a hole now and then; but to use them like this...I don't buy it. Watching this IMPORTANT game, one can only shake their head seeing how inadequate these kids look pitching...
  12. batato

    Marlin Fan

    Did you guys catch that teacher from NY with Craig with all the cool signs? Talk about creativity...It's great to see true fans supporting our fish. We're no Expos! Here's to you Mr. Teacher :notworthy
  13. batato

    Brian Moehler

    does anyone know how hard Brian throws his FB and what All his pitches are? I think he may have a split finger, but not sure. I'm trying to creat him for mvp 2005 game but i need to know his pitches and speed of FB..someone pls help thanks in advance
  14. batato

    Harris or Willis

    :banghead This may be for fun...just curious about feelings out there, but I am here watching this spring training game on FSN and was recalling last year when Jack would have Dontrel Pinch Hit. Frankly I would feel more comfortable seeing dontrell with a bat in his hand than Harris (mr...
  15. batato

    Cool Delgado Video

    Carlos Delgado Just Click " TRADE TRACKER VIDEO " and select Carlos You'll need Real Player to see this...but its a cool video, especially for those of us that intend to be playing this game.
  16. batato

    I hope the Organization Realizes

    Starting with Pudge and since then Penny, Mando, Lee, Pav and almost Lowell .... does the brass realize this isnt good for attracting talent nor keeping what we have? Not for nothing but Miguel will have to be offered money down the will beckett and AJ. Lowell cant be thrilled seeing...
  17. batato


    Pirates played us tough, here's hoping you play your next 5 games even tougher. After that play chicago just as Tough...Im a pirate fan for their next 9 games
  18. batato

    Lenny Harris

    Someone care to tell me why the fish are in love with this guy? I mean couldn't we give Sutton a chance instead of Harris? Why all the Love (and this all time pinch hitter thing is nothing more than a fact that has nothing to do with his current performance) ?
  19. batato

    Anyone watching the game now

    im stuck in the 4th inning....or my tv is shot
  20. batato

    Crystal Ball... WTG Choi

    Marlin Staff must hv a Crystal ball....homer number 8 Cubs must be PISSED....Choi another homer...batting nearly .300 with 8 homers.....CUBS gave the Marlins Dontrell Willis...they know how throw away Talent Tnx you Cubs.....Anymore offers ?
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