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  1. ren83

    3/18 Astros @ Marlins

    Stanton hits a 3run home run . Marlins up 3-1
  2. ren83

    7/13 Nationals @ Marlins

    Does anyone know if tonight's game is on tv?
  3. ren83

    3/17 vs St. Louis

    Pierre LF Polanco 3B Stanton RF Brantly C Ruggiano Cf Solano 2B Kotchman 1B Hechevarria SS Nolasco SP Pretty much Opening Day line up
  4. ren83

    3/12 vs Houston

    3-0 Houston, Ricky allowing back to back bombs
  5. ren83

    Marlins sign Aaron Rowand

    Marlins have signed outfielder Aaron Rowand to minor league deal no link
  6. ren83

    What a horrible weekend for Miami fans!

    all of the 3 teams lost in a very disgusting way
  7. ren83

    Houston at Pittsburgh

    pits leads the stros 2- 0 bot of the 5th
  8. ren83

    Chris Webber traded to the Sixers??
  9. ren83

    opening day tickets

    i just called ticketmaster to see if there was any tickets availables i requesteed tickets for the infield box (142-156, 101) they said they only have for the outfield and terrace box, so i had no choice but to get them (terrace box) i have no idea how the seats are since i 've never been...
  10. ren83

    Cubs @ Expos

    Chi Cubs 71-59 (Road: 34-31) 7:05pm Montreal 55-75 (Home: 31-34) Game Info: 7:05 pm EDT Mon Aug 30, 2004 TV: WGN, ESPN2 Add to Calendar Buy Tickets Starting Pitchers G. Maddux ChC vs. R. Biddle Mon 12-8 Record 4-7 3.86 ERA 7.42 118 K 47 28 BB 29 26 HR 14 The...
  11. ren83

    Home runs in MVP Baseball 2004

    i 'm having a lot of trouble hitting homers (in fact since i got the game i havent got any) although i hit lots of doubles and singles (pro) anyone got any advice??? :confused :confused
  12. ren83

    USA at Poland

    1 -0 leads the USA (27' [0 - 1] DaMarcus Beasley ) you can watch the game live on ESPN
  13. ren83

    HEAT at Magic

    lets go for the 6th straight win!!!!!!!!
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