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  1. Jokinen re-signs with FLA

    On TSN here in Canada. Congrats.
  2. Looks like the NHL lockout is over once & for all 99% reliable when it comes to the NHL. :notworthy
  3. Dunn hit 7th today

    What are the Reds thinking? How can you bat Rich Aurilia 2nd and Dunn 7th? Purely ridiculous.
  4. Any hockey fans interested in a sim hockey league? The Flames and Nordiques are the teams available. We're looking for GMs who can at least check on their team daily and who have MSN. It's free and the only thing you need to d-load is a simple program called the GM...
  5. Ramirez signs 4 deal with Cubs

    Aramis Ramirez - 3B - CHC Cubs agreed to terms with third baseman Aramis Ramirez on a four-year, $44 million contract with an option for 2010. With Tim Hudson, Lance Berkman and now Ramirez all signed, Jeff Cirillo is set to be the winter's top free agent. Our guess is that Ramirez...
  6. Dodgers place Gagne on DL

    it's on rotoworld. Tough break for the Dodgers... ...And all Yhency Brazoban fantasy owners rejoice. :D :shifty :hat
  7. Amazing Cubs/Cards game on WGN

    anyone else watching this? now going to the 14th..tied at 2
  8. Claudio Vargas!

    can anyone tell me why this guy was just included as a throw in the Floyd deal? he has been awesome for the Spos and looks to have re-gained the form that made him Marlins minor league pitcher of the year 2 years ago. Anyone know why he fell out of favor in FLA? and thanks for...
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