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    Can anyone explain this card?

    A 1993 Topps card of Derek Jeter as a 1992 draft pick but the card has a Marlins 1993 season logo on it... why?
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    David Samson's ideas for a 2020 season It's only one man's idea but this is so thorough and detailed that I thought it was an interesting read at the very least to get you thinking about the intricacies and logistics and restrictions a 2020 season could have. Anyone think something like this is what...
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    Can you name all the Marlins who have had more than one stint with the team?

    I counted 19 players who have had more than one stint on the Marlins as players, I may have missed a few but I'll double check... can you name them? Side note I believe there are 5 on the coaching/managerial side, one of those was a player once and a manager the other time.
  4. SilverBullet "One guy you forgot was on your favorite team" put up an article titled "One guy you forgot was on your favorite team" and they chose Mike Piazza for the Marlins but I think that's such a horrible choice. The trivia of Piazza being a Marlin for 8 days is...
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    Finalizing the 2020 Opening Day Roster

    As of March 10th there are 48 players in Marlins camp, let's see the realistic possiblities still left to make the Opening Day roster... Infielders: 5 or 6 of Aguilar, Diaz, Rojas, Anderson, Berti, Alvarez, Rodriguez, Katoh Outfielders: 5 or 6 of Dickerson, Villar, Joyce, Cooper, Brinson...
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    Matt Joyce in RF? What's the best outfield possiblities to open the season? If Jonathan Villar is the everyday CF then Brian Anderson is the third baseman, therefore right field is the only open outfield spot. Mattingly looks to be leaning towards Matt Joyce there, although I'd imagine...
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    Updated Top 30 Marlins Prospects per
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    Mish Bits

    -Most have Villar penciled in at 3B but he says he's more of a middle infielder although the Marlins are really hoping he can play CF so they'll try him there first. This will be interesting to watch. -The Marlins are really high on Jon Berti. -More tidbits below...
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    Check out this article's title "Marlins Believe Throwing More Strikes Will Lead to More Wins"
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    Marlins who wore the numbers 50 and 48?

    Anyone think we can figure this out together without cheating? Name every Marlins player who has worn the number 50 or 48. I'll start with... 50: Jordan Yamamoto, Charlie Hough 48: Pat Rapp
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    Fish Stripes: Past Spring Training Non-Roster Invites Quiz

    Can you name these past Marlins Spring Training Non-Roster Invites by a picture alone? I don't think anyone can actually get all of these right. I got 2 and like a half, where I couldn't remember the guy's full name...
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    Harper traded to the Nationals
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    Harold Reynolds: "Marlins will win 80 games"

    Maybe he thinks the 2019 wins count towards 2020 too?
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    Pirates New Road and Alternate Jerseys

    The Pirates have a new but retro inspired road and road alternate jerseys using the "PIttsburgh" script that they used in the early 90's. Of note, on the black jersey they did the black on black wordmark like the Marlins did but I noticed that, different from the Marlins, the Pirates have...
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    Apparently Jeter is currently living in Hell?

    "Even at a celebration of Derek Jeter’s illustrious Yankees past, he couldn’t escape his current Marlins hell."
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    Neil Walker signs minor league deal with the Phillies

    Just an update on Neil Walker. Mildly surprised he had to take a minor league deal. I would have thought someone gave him one more shot on a majors deal but I guess not.
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    Nolan Arenado upset with Rockies, wants out amid already swirling trade rumors

    Nolan Arenado makes a statement saying he feels disrespected by the Rockies, not even so much because of the trade rumors surrounding him but more so because the team has done almost literally nothing to try and improve from their 91 loss 2019 season, not having made a single MLB trade nor...
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