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  1. mrchainsaw

    I really want the Marlins to strike a deal for Acuna Jr.

    I don't know the logistics -- obviously the deadline passed, But what kind of package could we offer this offseason Pitching depth but they have that too. I'm kinda drunk and thinking in pipe dreams, but is there any somewhat realistic way to make something like this happen?
  2. mrchainsaw

    Reds Sign Derek Dietrich To a minors deal
  3. mrchainsaw

    6/3 Marlins at Dbutts 4:10 ET

    Brinson just struck out
  4. mrchainsaw

    6/2 Marlins at Dbags 10:10 PM ET

    My first game thread in like 4 years so yeah we're gonna lose Lineups Marlins who cares Dbags a bunch of snakes probably idk
  5. mrchainsaw

    Anyone going to the game on Tuesday?

    I'm flying in from Atlanta because I make poor life choices, and I'd love to buy one of you doofuses a beer.
  6. mrchainsaw

    4/12 Game Thread Braves vs. Marlins 7:10 PM

    Am I allowed to start game threads? Jaime Garcia vs. Tom Koehler, who can't get Nick Markakis out to save his life Braves Catder Inciarte CF Catsby Swanson SS Freddie Freecat 1B Nick Marcatkis RF Catdon Phillips 2B Adoncatpiss Garcia 3B Tyler Flowpurrs C Jace Petercat LF Jaime Catcia...
  7. mrchainsaw

    Anyone going to Opening Day in DC?

    Let's have a beer at the game.
  8. mrchainsaw

    2/26 Postgame

    Cardinals win 7-4. Not that it matters whatsoever, but have the Marlins ever won the Grapefruit League? I'm too lazy to look it up.
  9. mrchainsaw

    PSA: Just 69 days until Opening Day!

    /This is has been a courtesy PSA.
  10. mrchainsaw

    5/9 - Marlins at Padres 10:10 PM

    Win on the road again
  11. mrchainsaw

    5/8 - Marlins at Padres 10:10 PM

    Win on the road
  12. mrchainsaw

    5/7 - Mets at Marlins 12:40 PM

    Keep winning
  13. mrchainsaw

    5/6 - Mets at Marlins 7:10 PM

    Win the game and stuff
  14. mrchainsaw

    5/5 - Mets at Marlins 7:10 PM

    You know the deal
  15. mrchainsaw

    5/4 Dodgers at Marlins 1:10 PM

  16. mrchainsaw

    4/23 Marlins at Braves 12:10 PM

    Eovaldi vs Harang Mathis in the lineup
  17. mrchainsaw

    4/6 - Padres at Marlins - 1:10 p.m

    Kennedy vs Eovaldi
  18. mrchainsaw

    4/5 - Padres at Marlins - 7:10 p.m

    Cashner vs Fernandez
  19. mrchainsaw

    4/4 - Padres at Marlins - 7:10 pm

    Stults vs Koehler
  20. mrchainsaw

    4/3 - Rockies at Marlins - 12:40 pm

    Of course our first day game comes on a day where I have to go to class at 1. Let's take the series. Go Mathis! Rockies Dickerson 8 Cuddyer 3 Gonzalez 7 Tulowitzki 6 Rosario 2 Arenado 5 Barnes 9 Culberson 4 Morales 1 Marlins Yelich 7 Baker 4 Stanton 9 McGehee 5 Jones 3 Ozuna 8...
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