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  1. Photo-Realistic Billy

    Rangers unveil new uniforms

    I love powder blue uniforms. Come at me.
  2. Photo-Realistic Billy

    Jonathan Villar acquired
  3. Photo-Realistic Billy

    The Winking Problem

    I fine joke indeed, well worthy of resurrecting the thread.
  4. Photo-Realistic Billy

    Marlins are among many teams in on Avisail Garcia

    Jon Heyman is a national sportswriter -- not a local guy. Why would he call out the Marlins specifically if there are "many, many teams" interested? While it is possible that Heyman thinks the Marlins are the franchise that will attract the most interest in his tweet, to me it sounds more like...
  5. Photo-Realistic Billy

    Fiers and others confirm Astros used tech to steal signs in 2017

    If this were true, I don't think guys like Fires and the Astros scouts would have been so appalled by it.
  6. Photo-Realistic Billy

    Pete Alonso wins NL Rookie of the Year

    For both leagues, yes.
  7. Photo-Realistic Billy

    Hensley Meulens could join coaching staff

    It's hard to follow whatever you're trying to say here, but I'm guessing the Marlins -- since they lured a number of these guys away from manager openings -- are going to have one of the most expensive coaching staffs in baseball this year.
  8. Photo-Realistic Billy

    Nobody wants to be Arizona's pitching coach

    Yeah, who's to say Brian Snyder wouldn't make a good pitching coach?
  9. Photo-Realistic Billy

    Marlins Won an Award for Organizational Leadership in the AFL

    Very few players are anywhere but home with their friends and family on New Year's Day, but I guess there's always a chance he starts 2020 at a gym or something, New Year's resolutions and whatnot.
  10. Photo-Realistic Billy

    Frisaro's Inbox: What is Miami's top priority in offseason?

    Great points! I am pretty persuaded by your logic here. I think the one major wrinkle if that I'm fully expecting to see a few trades before the winter gets too deep. It may not be a terrible idea to package, say, Smith and Garcia and turn him into a high-upside position player prospect...
  11. Photo-Realistic Billy

    Frisaro's Inbox: What is Miami's top priority in offseason?

    None taken. I remember our discussions about this during the season. But I do want to caution on this again, perhaps in a different way: 1) There is a big divide between descriptive stats (stats that tell us about what has happened) like W-L, ERA, FIP, OPS, and wOBA, and predictive stats (stats...
  12. Photo-Realistic Billy

    Frisaro's Inbox: What is Miami's top priority in offseason?

    I know this is a sensitive topic, but... Chen had a 109 xFIP- (which is just 9% worse than league average) and a decent 4.25 SIERA. There's a case to be made that, while not good, he was not the worst lefty reliever option in the organization. I think that if a combo of Vesia or Conley or Moran...
  13. Photo-Realistic Billy


    Whoa -- is this true? Good on the Marlins for jumping into the online fan game way back in 2003.
  14. Photo-Realistic Billy

    Holaday outrighted, opts to become free agent

    I like Holaday, and there's more to catching than what the numbers can show us, presently, but Holaday was the worst framer in baseball this year. His fWAR was below replacement level. I'm sure the Marlins could get him back on a minor league deal if they wanted to because I don't think any...
  15. Photo-Realistic Billy

    OOTP 20

    VERY addicting game. I've been playing since like OOTP 2009.
  16. Photo-Realistic Billy

    Schneider and Treanor not returning to coaching staff

    That's some Weekend at Perry's type stuff there.
  17. Photo-Realistic Billy

    Marlins 2020 payroll with MLB Trade Rumors projected Arbitration Numbers

    This number gets used a lot, but it's not accurate. Chen also has a bunch of deferments: an additional $17M in 2020 and $16M in 2021. See: So the real Chen bill is: 2020: $39M 2021: $16M In summary, holy...
  18. Photo-Realistic Billy

    Victor Victor Mesa

    It's gone a bit under the radar, but known bust Victor Victor Mesa was 3-for-3 last night with 1 BB, 1 SB, and a sacrifice fly. Even though he's 0-for-2 tonight, he's still batting over .400 with a .900ish OPS in the AFL.

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