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  1. fanofthefish

    Jonathan Villar acquired

    Another nice low cost move, looking more like a 70 win season
  2. fanofthefish

    Riddle and Guerrero designated for assignment

    I'd rather have seen Conley go than Guerrero
  3. fanofthefish

    Fish claim Jesus Aguilar

    Good low cost move, the upside is if he returns to his 2018 form, if not it's still an option until Lewin is ready
  4. fanofthefish

    Bour headed to Japan

    More like Big Hit Big Body
  5. fanofthefish

    Who's on your All-MLB squad?

    In light of recent developments, I chose not to vote any Astros
  6. fanofthefish

    Pat Williams pushing to bring MLB to Orlando

    As much as I would love to have a team closer to me than the Rays, I can't see MLB putting another team in a state where the two other teams combined average attendance would still rank 19th, seriously it would just be smarter to move the Rays to Orlando
  7. fanofthefish

    Marlins minor league all-stars

    I would say that Heineman had a decent season, but his being the catcher on this team is more due to lack of production from within the system at the catching position, given a chance I think he could be the backup backstop especially if Wallach continues to battle injuries.
  8. fanofthefish

    Marlins minor league all-stars

    MiLB posted their organizational all-stars for the Marlins by position for the 2019 minor league season C-Tyler Heineman-NOLA 1b-Lazaro Alonso-Jax/Jup 2b-Isan Diaz-NOLA 3b-Nick Ready-Batavia SS-Demetrius Sims-Clinton/Jup OF-Peyton Burdick-Bat/Clin J. D. Orr-Bat Jerar Encarnacion-Clin/Jup DH-Evan...
  9. fanofthefish

    Arena Football League on brink of folding

    I'll always remember the war on I-4 between the Tampa Bay Storm and Orlando Predators, for the first ten years or so of the league seems like one of them was playing for the championship
  10. fanofthefish

    Retired Numbers

    Rick Helling was also on both the 97 and 03 teams, albeit shortly
  11. fanofthefish

    OBrien, Rivera, Noesi, Marrero, Castillo, Galloway elect free agency

    Not Galloway?!?! Nooooooooo!!!! F Jeter!!!!! Actually non of these will be missed.
  12. fanofthefish

    Retired Numbers

    The Curse of Carl, not a winning record since the unretirement of #5, that and shitty baseball but yeah they should re-retire it. Also if there was a number worthy of retirement for the Marlins I would do a two-fer with #19 for Niner and Lowell. As for Whitaker he was good and all but I don't...
  13. fanofthefish

    Heineman and Noesi outrighted to AAA

    I'd like to see them resign Heineman to a minor league deal with an invite to ST, they're going to need a back up for Alfaro, might as well go cheap for now
  14. fanofthefish

    Maddon named Angels manager

    Nice move by the Halos, good to see Joe return to his roots, I had a feeling this was going to happen
  15. fanofthefish

    Victor Victor Mesa

    While there may still be some concern about VVM's hitting it was announced today that he did win a Gold Glove for his flawless fielding in the minors this season, along with the recently acquired Jesus Sanchez.
  16. fanofthefish

    Manfred Reportedly Told Oakland Officials That A’s Could Move To Las Vegas

    I've watched baseball in LV, holy smokes it's hot and dry and the air is thin. At one game I saw Scott Pose hit a bomb about 450 feet as one of nine homers hit in the game! Will make for some interesting games for sure
  17. fanofthefish

    The Marlins didn't tank to get better, they tanked to save money?

    Someone can correct me on this, but wasn't there an article  (maybe SI?!?) about the cost for each win? As I recall it seemed like it was about the Astros,  how the amount varies but sometimes it costs more to put together a team that's not in contention than one that is. I'm not saying that's...
  18. fanofthefish

    Maddon and Hurdle to be let go

    But it did!!!
  19. fanofthefish

    Maddon and Hurdle to be let go

    I'm thinking the Angels dump Ausmus to snag Maddon, that's the organization he started with.

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