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  1. el_gmac

    Red Sox Cheating in 2018

    makes sense Cora being the mngr
  2. el_gmac

    Hyun-Jin Ryu to Toronto

  3. el_gmac

    Padres-Brewers Multi-Player Swap

  4. el_gmac

    Padres 2020 Brown is Back
  5. el_gmac

    JT Realmuto Wins SS and GG

  6. el_gmac

    Big G "We're Only two Pitchers Away"

  7. el_gmac

    9/27 Marlins @ Eliminated Phillies

    Pab-Lo vs Velasquez 
  8. el_gmac

    9/26 Marlins @ Eliminated Mutts

    Yamamoto vs Who Cares
  9. el_gmac

    Andy Green is a goner

    Gabe Kapler is next
  10. el_gmac

    9/51 Marlins @ Gigantes

    great!!! now I gotta start another game thread Cueto vs Hernandez 
  11. el_gmac

    9/41 Marlins @ Gigantes

    It's shameful that none of you pricks can start a game thread anymore. Specially the so called "Staff" Marlins 2-0 Bottom of the 7th 
  12. el_gmac

    Jelliz Out for the Season

  13. el_gmac

    9/32 No More game Game Threads?

    Marlins @ Pirates
  14. el_gmac

    9/31 No More game Game Threads?

    is anyone still watching ?
  15. el_gmac

    Baseball Nation Map

    I'm actually surprised the Marlins have that much territory but it could be worse the Oakland A's doesn't even dominate in their own counties.,32.534,-114.811
  16. el_gmac

    8/26 Reds @ Marlins

    Pablito vs Sunny Gray @legacyofCangelosi was supposed to start the game thread 
  17. el_gmac

    8/13 Doyers @ Marlins

    Pitching: Carrot Top vs Jordan Y. Down 1-0 already 
  18. el_gmac

    8/6 Marlins @ Mutts

    down 1-0 
  19. el_gmac

    7-30 Twins Cities @ Miami Marlins

    Jake Odorizzi 11-5 (3.84 ERA) vs Zac Gallen 1-2 (2.76 ERA)
  20. el_gmac

    7-29 Dbacks @ Miami Marlins

    Kelly vs Smith

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