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  1. Bret Hart

    Tarpley acquired for Nelson and cash

    As a LOOGY, Moran was not a bad choice. But the rule was changed. Moran's slow pitching velocity wouldn't effective enough, FO thought.
  2. Bret Hart

    Twins Sign Josh Donaldson

    Hooray. Braves didn't get Donaldson, lol.
  3. Bret Hart

    Alex Cora fired

    And what's gonna do with mets manager Carlos Beltran? Just keep the silence?
  4. Bret Hart

    Dean traded to Cardinals for Burgos

    I like Dean, but I think his below average defensive skill cannot make him a full time major leaguer.
  5. Bret Hart

    Dean traded to Cardinals for Burgos

    As Cards, it's gonna be nice addition. Somehow they need reinforcement of OF depth after Jose Martinez trade.
  6. Bret Hart

    Hinch and Luhnow fired after being suspended by MLB

    So, 17 Astros and 18 Red Sox gonna be "Lord Voldemort" eternally.
  7. Bret Hart

    Austin Dean designated for assignment

    I think Dean's below-average defensive skill gonna make him lead this. Also he didn't show own enough power in major level.
  8. Bret Hart

    Austin Dean designated for assignment

    I expected "odd man out" would go to Dean, Sierra, Wallach or Moran. Just 26-year-old, a power potential OF was DFA'd. That's too bad, but I believe FO will choose a right decision.
  9. Bret Hart

    Austin Brice designated for assignment (Warning: Thread has nothing to do with Brice)

    I didn't realize that Brice is one of the two active Fish players who has been drafted at Florida Marlins' era. The other is Adam Conley.
  10. Bret Hart

    Marlins Interested In Kim-Jae Hwan

    Probably more
  11. Bret Hart

    Marlins Interested In Kim-Jae Hwan

    I don't know much about this guy. But I knew he was a KBO league MVP 2019 and he was punished for an illegal drug (testosterone) 2011. Also he got a creepy defensive skill as a corner outfielder. We already got Dickerson who is much better than Kim, so this buzz gonna end.
  12. Bret Hart

    The Marlins can be a playoff team in 2020

    I don't think we significantly will improve our team after the acquisition of some batters and coaches. But I believe it won't happen a 100+ lost season again
  13. Bret Hart

    Marlins get Dickerson, 2 years $17.5 million

    I'm little surprised when I heard this. If I were Dickerson, I would choose most closest playoff caliber team.
  14. Bret Hart

    Hyun-Jin Ryu to Toronto

    It reminds me of Chen's latest contract at Fish. Actually I don't understand Jays' move. Why a 95-lost team waste their money on a named FA pitcher who got a shoulder injury previously?
  15. Bret Hart

    Marlins sign Matt Kemp - our big offseason move

    Btw, do we try to add some Left Handed Hitter? There are too many righty.
  16. Bret Hart

    Marlins sign Matt Kemp - our big offseason move

    Kemp couldn't fit as a full time OF (cause of horrible defense). I think FO add him as a 1B + part time corner OF.
  17. Bret Hart

    Angels to Sign Rendon

    Maybe Mets, Philly and Fish fans gonna like this deal. So long.
  18. Bret Hart

    Starting rotation drawing tons of interest

    I will not say no if we could add decent players, but it's not a favorable time to pull the trigger. (need some adjustment of whole rotation.) After the end of 2020, we will get a better chance to deal with it, I think.
  19. Bret Hart

    Multiple teams showing interest in Urena

    Why? Jays is looking for a tanking?

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