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  1. Michael

    Twins Sign Josh Donaldson

  2. Michael

    Marlins Sign Pat Venditte Left Left Left right left
  3. Michael

    2020 Bold Predictions

    I know it may be a little early for this, but let's have some fun! Do you have any bold predictions for the 2020 season, or maybe beyond? I've got one, and it takes place after the season.
  4. Michael

    Stephen Strasburg to Opt Out of Contract

    First big news of the off-season. Nats are also declining options on Zimmerman and Yan Gomes.
  5. Michael

    8/11 Braves @ Marlins 1:10 PM

    Getting this thread started now in case I sleep too late tomorrow. (Probably won't but you can never be too careful.) Foltynewicz vs Noesi. Can we win the series?
  6. Michael

    8/10 Braves @ Marlins 6:10 PM

    A pair of all-stars [LOL] face off as Soroka faces Alcantara. Isan leading off tonight.
  7. Michael

    Marlins @ Mets Game 2

    Isan walked.
  8. Michael

    Here Comes Isan!

  9. Michael

    Marlins @ Dodgers July 20th

    We are losing 1-0 in the first.
  10. Michael

    7/14 Mets @ Marlins

    McNeil hit first pitch homer against Sandy. Granderson robbed a Pete Alonso homer.
  11. Michael

    2019 Home Run Derby

    I've got Alonso winning but let's see what happens.
  12. Michael

    7/5 Marlins @ Braves 7:20 PM

  13. Michael

    7/3 Marlins @ Nats 6:10 PM

    Miguel Rojas, Professional Hitter™
  14. Michael

    Sandy Alcantara Named Marlins All-Star Rep

    Um. ... Sure, why not?
  15. Michael

    June 8 Braves @ Marlins 4:10 PM

    Game been on nearly an hour, Alfaro just doubled, had a cool defensive play involving Rojas and BrAnderson.
  16. Michael

    Andre Fernandez: Marlins 2019 Draft Class Receiving High Praise

    Article requires subscription to The Athletic to read, but it's worth it. $5 a month for top tier articles! (If you subscribe for the year) Jim Bowden tweeted on...
  17. Michael

    Rosell Herrera hit a home run

    Still pretty woozy here from that.
  18. Michael

    Saturday May 25 Marlins @ Nationals 4:05 PM

    Sandy Alcantara, who loves day games, takes on Patrick Corbin today. Hopefully we get the same Sandy we got last time out. Shoutout to @THRILLHO who got us through that six game winning streak. ❤️ 
  19. Michael

    Wednesday May 8 Marlins @ Cubs 7:30 PM

    We have two on no outs. Let's see what happens. Urena is pitching.
  20. Michael

    Call em up or leave em down?

    Seen a few people on both sides of the coin here in different threads, so I figured I'd ask in one place and try to get a discussion going. Call up some of the minor league talent who are doing well up to the big leagues, or let them continue their success where they are to develop more...

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