1. yxnarbo

    Top 50 Marlins - All-Time WAR

    Hey I wrote this as part one of a five-part series profiling the "Top 50 Marlins," in terms of WAR (offensive, defensive, and pitching WAR, combined, even for pitchers). I welcome any feedback. If you don't wanna click on through, here's the crib-notes version: 50. Omar Infante 49. Livan...
  2. Ema2R

    Marlins president implores fans to 'give us a chance' The latest phase of the Miami Marlins' rebuild is complete after the team tradedAll-Star catcher J.T. Realmuto to the Philadelphia Phillies. Now, all eyes in south Florida are on the future. Despite the ongoing teardown that began during the 2017-18...
  3. Ema2R

    How the Miami Marlins became a mediocre mess

    "The Loria Marlins negotiated worst active local television contact in all of Major League Baseball. The Marlins currently attain around $20 million annually from FOX Sports Florida. Consider that the Rays, a few miles up north, are around $80 million under the terms of their new deal, and even...
  4. S

    All Marlins Team

    Pretty sure this is what @Bald Eagle wanted to do C - CJ 1B - Derek Lee 2B - Castillo 3B - Lowell SS - Hanley OF - Sheffield OF - Cabrera OF - Conine SP - JJ SP - Brown  SP - Livan SP - Beckett SP - Leiter BP - Benitez MNG - Edwin
  5. B

    Marlins podcasts

    Marlins debuting new podcasts every morning on iTunes. Cool stuff.
  6. Michael

    4/7 Marlins @ Nationals 4:05 PM EST

    Marlins at Nationals, 4:05 PM I'll be at work so I won't be able to suffer through this game. Whatever. Win one for ... fuck, IDK, @el penguino. I don't give a shit.
  7. Das Texan

    Shitty Marlins @ Pirates

    Ok go. Enjoy this trainwreck that is your baseball team. though the reality is (go marlins, since it helps my cardinals)
  8. Hammerhead

    Kurkjian: Marlins aren't ready for playoffs

    "I like the Marlins but without Fernandez with them from day one, they're not ready to be a playoff team." "The Nationals are the only team in this league guaranteed to win a division; everything else is up for grabs." What is this guy smoking, other than the ESPN pipe? Way to completely...

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