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  1. Michael

    Alex Vesia - The Miami Marlins Best Bullpen Piece?

    The 2020 Miami Marlins are coming in with a bit of a different look than the 2019 team. One of the areas that will be most noticeably contrasting from the team of last year is the bullpen, which was the worst in all of Major League Baseball (the only bullpen to have a negative Fangraphs WAR...
  2. yxnarbo

    Top 50 Marlins - All-Time WAR

    Hey I wrote this as part one of a five-part series profiling the "Top 50 Marlins," in terms of WAR (offensive, defensive, and pitching WAR, combined, even for pitchers). I welcome any feedback. If you don't wanna click on through, here's the crib-notes version: 50. Omar Infante 49. Livan...
  3. Marlins podcasts

    Marlins debuting new podcasts every morning on iTunes. Cool stuff.
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