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  1. Bret Hart

    Infinity War / Endgame [POSSIBLE SPOILERS]

    If you decide to go to a theater, I highly recommend you watch it as soon as possible, cause of spoiler leakage. I can't wait to see Avengers 4 next year. Please enjoy this.
  2. Bret Hart

    Justice League

    I don't know what can I say. 1. It's too soon for DC united movie.  2. If you're a Batman-favorite, DO NOT WATCH IT. 3. It's not a Zack Snyder's fault, Wanner Bros and DC screwed 4. Thor : Ragnarok was better than this, I can guarantee it.
  3. Bret Hart

    Wonder Woman

    "Who was Linda Carter? Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman, and Wonder Woman is Gal Gadot." This is kinda like "DC's 'First Avengers'" type movie, just showing the origin of the hero with limited present scenes. If you understand own attitude and style of DC comics heroes, this movie is the very thing. I...
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