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    Fish of the Week - May 1 - 7

    Past Winners: April 3 - 9 - J.T. Realmuto April 10 - 16 - Marcell Ozuna April 17 - 23 - Giancarlo Stanton April 24 - 30 - Justin Bour
  2. CYmarlins

    5/2 Rays @ Marlins - 7:10 PM

    Only second time ever doing a Game Thread. Looking for the Win tonight. Alex Cobb (TB)  vs  Edinson Volquez (MIA),lock_state=preview,game_tab=,game=490498 Lineup for Tonight's Game. 1. Dee Gordon (L) 2B...
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    Fish of the Week - April 24 - 30

    Past Winners: April 3 - 9 - J.T. Realmuto April 10 - 16 - Marcell Ozuna April 17 - 23 - Giancarlo Stanton
  4. Fishes on the Pond

    Stanton is Now #2--Say It Ain't So!!

    Statcast: Judge's 119.4-mph HR BAL@NYY: Judge crushes home run at 119.4 mph Statcast measures Aaron Judge's 119.4-mph home run, the highest recorded exit velocity in the Statcast era What's less surprising, that Giancarlo Stanton had previously held the hardest-hit home run record (119.2 mph...
  5. SilverBullet

    Stanton finally changing his approach If this is as it seems, it's about time... Stanton's changing his approach and being smarter at the plate and willing to fix things and ultimately improve. 
  6. mrchainsaw

    4/12 Game Thread Braves vs. Marlins 7:10 PM

    Am I allowed to start game threads? Jaime Garcia vs. Tom Koehler, who can't get Nick Markakis out to save his life Braves Catder Inciarte CF Catsby Swanson SS Freddie Freecat 1B Nick Marcatkis RF Catdon Phillips 2B Adoncatpiss Garcia 3B Tyler Flowpurrs C Jace Petercat LF Jaime Catcia...
  7. G

    Stanton's diet
  8. Michael

    2017 Season Bold Predictions!

    Thought this could be fun. Can be plausible, could be ridiculous, whatever you want it to be! I prefer the former, but hey, it's all good. I'll start. There will be at least three occurrences this season where Yelich is intentionally walked in front of Stanton.
  9. CoastieMike

    Former Marlins Video Coordinator is Loving the Porn Industry Saw Capozzi post this on twitter this morning. 
  10. taiwanmarlin

    Marlins backloaded Kenley Jansen contract offer "Jansen would have been paid $7 million, $9 milllion, $11 million and about $25 million in the last two years of the deal, according to Heyman. Giancarlo Stanton’s extension was also backloaded, but he...
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    Barraclough and Bour not recognized by Marlins fans

    Read more here:
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    Yelich shocked about WBC pay, would play for free

    Read more here:
  13. G

    Stanton and Yelich vs Twins

    For Team USA today, they went a combined 0-5 with 3 strikeouts Team USA's hitting coach = Tino Martinez
  14. SilverBullet

    Stanton goes deep for first time

    As good looking as he is, I'm surprised it was his first time... Edit: Just read the article, it's not at all about what I thought it was about. Sorely disappointed.
  15. G

    3/6 Postgame

    Stanton homers, but Mets scored more runs so they won
  16. D

    2017 Marlins Spring Training Game Thread

    Stanton looked like an easy out with no outs and 2 runners on down 4 runs. 4 pitches and 3 swinging strikes.  Get all all of those out of the way in Spring Training, Big G! Justin Bour has never hit a home run vs a lefty in his major league career. His response to reporters who are concerned...
  17. G

    Several Marlins regulars to get nod in spring opener
  18. G

    Marlins boss excited about events, new arms
  19. G

    New face guard for Stanton

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  20. G

    Ellis building chemistry with new pitchers and Realmuto

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