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  1. I was gonna write this in another thread but i figured it is kinda its own thread. so here it goes. I was in favor of sending Realmuto down a couple months ago but he has been much improved over the second half. If he can be between .725 and .750 OPS for his career that would be spectacular from the catcher position with everything else he brings. And does anybody remember me telling you guys that Hech is actually not all that improved with the bat and he had inflated numbers and you all attacked me for saying he would be under .700 OPS for the season? He's at .684 OPS for the year and he will likely have an OBP under .300 again. He has improved but he still has to be the weak link in the lineup of any team he is on. You can't have him and another hitter worse than him in the same lineup to go along with a pitcher. Hech is fine, but he needs to be our worst hitter every year, especially in the NL, if we will ever have a quality lineup. That's why Realmuto's development is very important. If he can develop into a competent hitter that is a huge step for our lineup, if he can't that leaves us with 3 black holes in the lineup and that will never be a successful team even if we have Stanton and Yelich turns into an all-star. For me Dietrich is an everyday player and this team isn't too far away. They need to trim the fat that has been on the roster for way too long. Mathis, Solano (you know he will be back sometime soon), Dunn, Hand, Don Kelly, Ichiro, and Mcgehee. These need to be replaced by quality major leaguers. I think this front office is of the belief every year that you can fill a roster with crap but as long as you have 1 starter at every position in spring training then nothing bad is ever going to go wrong. One injury every single year and we collapse because we are a shit organization with shit drafting, shit player development, and shit ownership. The Cardinals seemingly have one of their best players out for the year every year and are in the playoffs every year. They know how to run a team. Here is what I would do come the offseason. Make Dietrich a full time 3b. Sign a LF like Cespedes. Trade Ozuna for an everyday 1b or package him with Ramos for Judge or Bird. Trade Prado and Koehler for a potential power bullpen arm in a few years, they stink. We need a long term 1b so badly and we have since Derek Lee. Then i'd sign a quality number 2 who has been proven, lets say Johnny Cueto. That would require money so it won't ever happen but stick with me here. Then i'd sign a veteran number 5. I'd prefer both of these signings to be pitchers who don't pitch to contact for once. After Cueto i'd see if AJ Burnett would be interested in a reunion. If you can get him on the Mike Morse type contract 2 years 16 million id do it in a second. I know some of you are gonna say thats an overpay but thats what the free agent market is. Thats why i think the fact that we didn't use Latos as an asset for anything other than dumping money is idiotic. 8 million per year on the open market really doesnt get you much these days. Next I would fill out the bench. Im so fucking tired of us signing shitty veteran guys to spring training invitations and picking 3 who didn't suck as our bench pieces. NO, use the bench pieces as if they can bring value to the team. So far, I would want our team to look like this Realmuto, Bird/Judge, Gordon, Hech, Dietrich, Cespedes, Yelich, Stanton. So for this we would need a 4th outfielder, Bour would be backup 1b/power bat off the bench, backup catcher (most likely Telis), backup middle infielder, and maybe another backup corner infielder. Rotation as follows: Jose, Cueto, Burnett, HA*, Cosart and Nicolino, Conley, Urena, Williams, etc fighting with Cosart for the last spot. I'd then fix the bullpen by relying on homegrown guys after trading/releasing Dunn, Ramos, Morris, Phelps and replacing them with guys like Wittgren, long reliever can be a prospect, Ellington, etc. My 2016 dream team C- Realmuto/Telis 1b- Bird or Judge/ Bour 2b- Gordon SS- Hech 3b- Dietrich/Free agent bench signing lf- Cespedes Cf- Yelich RF- Stanton That gives us a lineup of Gordon, Yelich, Stanton, Cespedes, Dietrich, Bird/Judge, Realmuto, Hech. That is greatly improved, gives us more power and better production further down in the lineup. With the rotation mentioned earlier and Capps still in the backend of the bullpen I think this can be a successful team. As I wrote this however it was painfully obvious just how dry our farm system is in every aspect. Trying to find potential prospects who can contribute was pretty much impossible. I think we need to scrap this front office and bring in an analytic driven guy but of course there is no chance this happens either. How would you guys go about fixing this for next year? Sorry for the rant.
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