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A Couple Of Changes


Sep 2, 2002
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That was good torborg put lee 6th, he was struggling but got his act together on that double in the 8th or 9th inning. Pierre and castillo swaped and that was also god since Pierre's OBS is better and he is hitting the ball very good. Juan Encarnacion's brother (salvido) Is trying out for the Marlins and Torborg was impressed with his swings. Torborg said he swings as powerful as his brother Juan....

Lee dropped to sixth

By Tom D'Angelo, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
Friday, April 11, 2003

After just a week and a half, the Marlins are signaling that the experiment of putting Derrek Lee in the clean-up spot may have failed.

For the second consecutive game, Manager Jeff Torborg had Juan Encarnacion batting fourth and Lee sixth Thursday. Juan Pierre and Luis Castillo again swapped spots at the top of the order.

"I thought I had a good game, then I came in and I got demoted,'' Lee said Wednesday after driving in the Marlins' only two runs Tuesday night. He would not elaborate Thursday.

The Marlins were confident Lee would provide the necessary power to bat clean-up, saying he could become a consistent 30-home-run hitter, possibly reaching 40. Lee, who has averaged 25.3 homers the past three years, had not hit a home run in 32 at-bats entering Thursday's game.

"If you're really on a roll and you're winning, I'm superstitious. I'm going to stay with it,'' Torborg said. "But if it's a thing where it's maybe not clicking exactly right, why not say, 'OK, we'll change here or there.'''

Torborg used 116 lineups last season and has used four this season. He said Thursday that Lee, Encarnacion and Mike Lowell (who hit clean-up some last season) are interchangeable in the fourth, fifth and sixth spots.

Encarnacion entered Thursday's game with two home runs.

"It doesn't matter where I hit,'' he said. "I take the same approach, see the ball, hit it, nothing different.''

Castillo does not appear bothered by being dropped to second after 538 consecutive games as the Marlins' leadoff hitter.

"I knew I was not hitting good the first few games and Juan is hitting the ball good,'' Castillo said. "We're trying to win some games. We have to do something different.''

Oh, brother: The Marlins invited Salvador Encarnacion, Juan's younger brother, for an informal tryout.

Salvador, 20, took batting practice and threw from the outfield Thursday. He is from the Dominican Republic and has been living with his brother for two weeks.

Salvador has not decided whether to sign a professional contract or enroll at Florida Community College in Jacksonville in August. He is taking classes to learn English.

Although Salvador said he did not have a good day, Torborg was impressed.

"He swings the bat well,'' Torborg said. "He's real strong... like Juan.''

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