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All-Star Voting a Farce

Fish Fillet

May 22, 2003
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Isn't it time MLB got rid of this ridiculous fan-voting system?

Looking at the current results. It's absurd. Piazza is in 2nd for NL catcher, even though he'll miss the rest of the season because his leg was ripped from his body.

Pudge is leading. His .250 average is enough to warrant an all-star nod, especially since he hasn't even hit 10 HR yet.

There are other examples all through the ballot. The Cards have 5 or 6 players at or near the top of voting at their position. Hmmm, have anything to do with the fact they sell 40K tickets a game?

Here's another one. The Braves, who are currently the best team in baseball, don't have a single player leading at their position. Wonder how they win all he time with average players at every position.

And yet another one. Shea Hillenbrand has surged past Mike Lowell into 2nd in the NL 3B race after he was traded to the Snakes.

I'm waiting for MLB to annouce that Ozzie Smith and Mark McGwire are the leading vote getters and will start again this year.


I've been saying for a few years now that the votes should be taken away from the fans. I don't care if I would lose my chance to vote -- it's a popularity contest and the majority of fans don't even bother to look who the actual All Stars are.

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