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Bombing at Yale earlier


Credit: MSNBC

NEW HAVEN, Conn., May 21 ? A bomb exploded Wednesday in a mail room at the Yale University law school, officials said. There was no immediate report of injuries, but damage was described as heavy, and witnesses said they saw a blast of debris. POLICE TOLD NBC affiliate WVIT-TV of Hartford that the building was not on fire but that the floor might have partly collapsed.
A member of the New Haven police bomb squad said the blast was caused by an explosive device and that members of the FBI?s terrorism task force were on the scene.
Police closed off the city block around the law school.
The incident came as the nation was on elevated alert for possible terrorist attacks and several hours after President Bush, a Yale alumnus, visited the state to speak at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy graduation ceremony in New London.
But a senior U.S. intelligence official told NBC News that none of the current intelligence about possible terror attacks mentioned an attack on a university, a college or a law school..

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