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Bonds to have minor surgery on left elbow


Oct 24, 2002
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Tuesday, February 18

Bonds to be out a few days after elbow surgery

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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Barry Bonds will have minor surgery on his left elbow Wednesday, and the San Francisco slugger is expected to miss only a few days of spring training workouts.

The five-time MVP complained of tenderness to Giants trainer Stan Conte after arriving at camp Tuesday.

Conte said the pain stems from surgery in 1999, when doctors repaired a tear in Bonds' left triceps and removed a bone spur from the back of his elbow.

Conte compared Bonds' procedure to removing a thorn from the bottom of his foot.

"I don't think it'll cause him any big delays,'' Conte said. "This is not a big deal. We could have not done anything to this. It's a minor irritation that started to bother him.

"Our concern was that it might get worse as the season went on, then we'd have a problem. Now is the time to take care of it. Once the suture is removed, that's the end of the story,'' he said.

The 38-year-old Bonds was an early arrival to camp. Position players for the defending NL champions officially report Wednesday.

Bonds spoke with reporters for 38 minutes Tuesday morning, never bringing up his elbow problem. Conte said Bonds approached him after the news conference.

Bonds will require local anesthesia during the procedure, meaning his elbow will be numbed, Conte said.

Conte said the pain stems from an existing suture, which will be removed. The suture formed a knot just under Bonds' skin above the elbow.

Bonds has been bothered by tenderness for three or four weeks, but he didn't tell the Giants' training staff until Tuesday.

Precautionary X-rays were taken.

"It's definitely related to the 1999 surgery, nothing more than that,'' Conte said. "This happens from time to time with different surgeries.''

The elbow did not slow Bonds during offseason workouts, Conte said.

"His big point was, 'I can do everything,''' he said. "He hasn't done much in the last seven or eight days I guess. To use his quotes, he's been 'chillin.'''

Bonds reached his first World Series last season, won by the Anaheim Angels in seven games. He hit .471 in the World Series with four home runs and six RBI. He was walked 13 times.

Also in 2002, Bonds won his first batting title with a .370 average. He erased a frustrating postseason past to hit .356 (16-for-45) with eight homers and 16 RBI.

"Every year is a new challenge, and you just have to be prepared for it and stay focused and see how it plays out,'' he said Tuesday.

"As long as you stay prepared and you're ready, a lot of good things can happen. If you're not doing one thing, keep yourself in shape in the other thing,'' he said.

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