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Chris Hatcher


Sep 8, 2004
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Could he be a prospect we need to start following? 22 year old switch hitting catcher currently playing in Greensboro. Off to a great start so far this year In 40 ABs so far he is hitting .350 with a .625 slugging%.

Everything I've read about him says he has the potential to be very good defensively. Extremely athletic and if he continues to develop-watch out. Here is the scouting report on him from college:

Hatcher, a junior and converted switch-hitter, burst into national prominence after a 3-for-5 performance against N.C. State and hard-throwing left-hander Andrew Brackman in late February. After two seasons as a right-handed batter, his statistics have soared, ranking fifth nationally in hits with 51, sixth in runs with 37, eighth in total bases with 80 and second on the team with a .455 average.

?He can throw, he?s shown some bat potential and he had a big day against that Brackman guy,?? the scouting director said. ?That guy is throwing 95.??

Despite a banner year, Hatcher?s catching needs refining.

?I like Hatcher, but I think he?s a little rough around the edges,?? the scouting director said. ?He just started hitting left-handed. He?s got some work to do, but I think he?s got some tools. He?s a pretty good athlete. He?s got some assets to be a major-league player.??

A regional scout loves Hatcher?s aggressive style and says he?s more athletic than most catchers, but he questioned his glove work.

?He still boxes the ball a little behind the plate,?? the scout said. ?He has a plus throwing arm, but he tries to throw it through a brick wall every time he throws. Offensively, he?s certainly done well for himself. ? He also plays with no fear. I like that.??

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