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Coming June 16th...


The boards will be looking all spiffy and freshened up soon enough and here's a peek at what's to come. I bolded the coolest items.


[:DISPLAY:] Ability to autohide forthcoming calendar events when none to show
[:DISPLAY:] Ability to autohide today's birthdays when none to show

[:GLOBAL:] Board guidelines/rules feature added
[:GLOBAL:] "Site Jump" added to "Forum Jump" drop down menu
[:GLOBAL:] Restyled header, combining new link strip with icons
[:GLOBAL:] Forum read cookies centralized into one serialized cookie
[:GLOBAL:] Auto session ID hiding - uses cookies where available - No more long string of numbers in URL
[:GLOBAL:] More "number_format" usage for uniformed look
[:GLOBAL:] Signature separator now fully skinnable

[:FORUMS:] Auto "new posts" forum marker reset when viewing topic list
[:FORUMS:] External redirect setting available on all forums; redirects to any specified page/site
[:FORUMS:] Short URL tags; easy & quick access to forums & topics; search engine friendlier too!
[:FORUMS:] Forum rules display above forum, topic and posting screens
[:FORUMS:] "Jump to page" feature in forum and topic views

[:MEMBERS:] Personal Photo facility added to enable members to upload/link to a personal photo
[:MEMBERS:] New avatar control panel; including new avatar galleries / auto resizer
[:MEMBERS:] Integrity Messenger integration added
[:MEMBERS:] Custom profile fields can now be used in Topic View (CPU saving option)
[:MEMBERS:] New registration authorization system allows for validation emails to be resent
[:MEMBERS:] New streamlined lost password system; allows member to select their own password
[:MEMBERS:] Ability to resend validation email
[:MEMBERS:] Ability to edit topic title (group opt.) - editing first post allows title edit
[:MEMBERS:] Flood control / max email per day added to stop bulk mail being sent via the board

[:CALENDAR:] Ranged Events feature; includes user defined font & bg colours
[:CALENDAR:] Recurring Events; repeat weekly, monthly or annually
[:CALENDAR:] New, improved layout - turn birthdays on and off

[:pOSTING:] Quick Reply feature added. On/Off switch for each forum
[:pOSTING:] More list options added by using
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          • [:pOSTING:] New tag added; executes HTML and keeps the original formatting intact.
            [:pOSTING:] Admin settable word wrap limit - stops long unbroken words from distoring the tables
            [:pOSTING:] BB Code help screen added, shows common code usage
            [:pOSTING:] Error screens show text area with any post material in allowing you to copy it before hitting "back"
            [:pOSTING:] Ability to show inline attached images as thumbnails
            [:pOSTING:] "Enable Topic Tracking" checkbox in each new post / reply post page

            [:pOLLING:] Topic starter / Super Moderator can create a poll after the topic has been posted
            [:pOLLING:] Admin setting for the maximum number of poll questions allowed
            [:pOLLING:] When editing a poll, the editor has an option to add new choices to the poll
            [:pOLLING:] Admin option to allow members to view poll results without forfeiting their vote

            [:SEARCHING:] Full text searching available; vastly reduced searching times and improved efficiency
            [:SEARCHING:] View results as post now orders by post date, not topic's last posted date

            [:MESSAGING:] Private messages includes better error handler to prevent lost messages when an error occurs
            [:MESSAGING:] New "Empty PM Folders" feature to quickly prune saved messages
            [:MESSAGING:] Inbox, Sent items and custom folders shown in main UCP menu for quick access

            [:ONLINE USERS:] New sorting options added; ability to view only members or guests

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