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Sep 15, 2002
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*Justin Wayne will be optioned back to AAA Alburquerque on Tuesday. He pitched decent giving the Marlins a chance to win, but the offense was anemic with the exception of Lowell. In his past starts he struggled with control which was not an issue in this game (2 BB). The first inning 2 run homer by Spivey came when he was slumping badly so I believe Wayne did alright. After some more work in minors I see him in the Marlins rotation in the next few years. Still a youngin' (21??).(---> Edited by 1 truefan... age :23 :) )

*Mike Lowell tied a Marlin record with 3 doubles last night although none were for RBI's and he did not score a run (Ouch).

*M Tejera will move into the rotation and will start Saturday with Carl Pavano starting Wednesday. Kinda worried about Tejera and to quote ramp, "MT is serving up batting practice out there." If he fails the Marlins have the option of either Snare or Willis.

*Mike Redmond is day-to-day after injuring his left hip in the marathon game. So the backup duties go to Castro which is fine with me after his homer in said marathon game!

*Once Wayne is recalled, Phelps will be called up to replace him and will serve as the second lefty in the pen. I strongly disagree with this move. He had his shot and did not perform the way he did in spring training. Give Juan Alvarez a chance.


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