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Disaster avoided as of now


Aug 20, 2002
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My overall number one pick vlad guerrero goes on the DL until August, but my team has picked it up latley as a whole. Early in the year, it was my pitching dominated, thanks to a waiver acquisition of Kevin Brown and the consistancy of all of my starters and relievers. Now, my pitching has faded a little yet my batters have started hitting well. Right now I have VG on the DL, Shea Hillenbrand not playing for over a week and no one to sub at 3B, Richard Hidalgo was out for a while, Daren Erstad was on the DL for a long time(put him on waivers) and other assorted injuries to other players. C Jason Varitek has been a huge surprise considering I was looking for anyone else but him at catcher after I drafted. Rocco B from Tampa was a good pickup as well as Jay Gibbons of Baltimore.

All the turmoil on my team, and yet I am now in first place.

I rock.

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