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Freakin sweet!!!!!


Jun 16, 2004
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My day has been made.

Last year, out of nowhere, Candlebox decides to play on the streets of Rock Ilsand IL (right across mississippi from davenport). It was their first stop on their comeback tour, first time playing since i was in HS.

The concert was awesome last year. Outside, perfect weather, playing all these songs from HS that i loved. They rocked out.. it was a great time. My brother has an Apt right next to where they play. Partying on the roof, watching the bands play then going down for candlebox.. just a great time all around. I still couldnt believe they decided to start their tour here before going on to play big venues/arenas.

Anyway, it was just announced today they will be coming back on the june 30th... and to top it off, everclear is coming with them. Freakin sweet man. I cant wait!

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