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Godzilla hits number 1


Jan 3, 2003
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While hitting safely in every game so far has been nice, Yankee fans have been holding their collective breaths for Hideki Matsui's first major league home run.

It's opening day at Yankee Stadium. The game time temperature is a balmy 35 degrees.

Bottom of the 5th - 1 out - Nick Johnson is on 3rd and Jason Giambi is on 1st - Bernie Williams steps up to the plate.

The Twins opt to intentionally walk Bernie Williams to get to Matsui.

Matsui steps out of the on-deck circle and begins a slow walk to the batter's box while the whole of Yankee Stadium gets on their feet to cheer on the new left fielder.

Pitch 1 - a slider Matsui can't get the bat on. Strike 1 - Matsui is behind in the count.

He works the count full - after fouling off two pitches too close to the strike zone to "take" - taking a pitch around his knees for ball 3.

The crowd is chanting "MAT-SU-I! MAT-SU-I!"

The 3-2 pitch is on its way... heading for the inside part of the plate - belt high... Matsui swings and connects.

No doubt about it - that ball is launched deep into the right field bleachers faster than Hidecki can get out of the batter's box. Grand Slam Home Run.

He gives a quick high-five to Lee Mazilli [the 1b coach] as he rounds first. Continues trotting the bases with a serious expression on his face.

"It's okay to smile Hideki - you just hit a GRAND SLAM!"

He touches home plate - and there's the grin. He is mobbed by his team mates as he approaches the dug out - the Stadium is going absolutely crazy - he takes his first curtain call as a Yankee.

Welcome to the team. :cool


Sep 2, 2002
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Yea it was a reeal long bomb. Very nice grand slam and he was the first player to ever hit a homerun in there debut as a yankee in yankee stadium... :eek:

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