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Is the Pro getting a name change?


Aug 21, 2002
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Pro Player Stadium's cruise for a new name -- a journey that has taken years and led nowhere -- may be closing in on a port.

Stadium officials are talking with Celebrity Cruises and hope a deal is completed before the Miami Dolphins' opener Sept. 7.

"Of course we are shooting for that," said Jim Ross, senior vice president of sales and marketing for the Dolphins and Pro Player Stadium, both of which are owned by Wayne Huizenga.

The stadium, where the Florida Marlins also play, is named for a defunct line of sportswear called Pro Player, which was once part of a bankrupt underwear company, Fruit of the Loom. The stadium originally was named for former Dolphins owner Joe Robbie, who built it with private money. Huizenga bought it and sold the naming rights to Pro Player but has not been receiving money for it since Fruit of the Loom filed for bankruptcy in 2000.

Huizenga confirmed at the NFL owners' meetings this spring that his people have been talking with Celebrity, which is a brand name of Royal Caribbean Ltd. of Miami.

"We're still talking," said Lynn Martenstein, vice president of corporate communications for Celebrity Cruises, on Monday. "Nothing has been finalized."

The Celebrity brand name would be the one on the stadium, she confirmed, though one no is saying whether the specific name would be Celebrity Cruises Stadium or some variation.

A naming-rights deal could provide several million dollars annually to the team and stadium budget.

Pro Player reportedly agreed to a naming-rights deal of $2 million annually for 10 years for the stadium in northwest Miami-Dade County, though the total amount paid was actually more than double that, including agreements with other Huizenga sports properties at the time, stadium officials said.

A final money figure is among the issues remaining to be worked out, but officials with the cruise line and stadium declined to discuss the range of numbers under discussion.

Das Texan

Loria can kiss my ass
Aug 18, 2002
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thats what so funny.....

the marlins play in stadium named for a company no longer in existance.


Jim Ross, senior vice president of sales and marketing for the Dolphins and Pro Player Stadium,

That guy is one busy man! He just got his job back on Raw last night, wow.

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