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Jelliz Out for the Season


Jul 5, 2005
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The Dodgers in 2014 were 23-4 in games started by Kershaw. So at most Kershaw only led them to 23 wins.

The Marlins in 2014 were 71-73 in games that Stanton started. Of course he wasn't the reason for all 71 wins but he could have very well contributed to a significant portion of those 71 wins. 

So, in theory, Stanton led the Marlins to more wins than Kershaw led the Dodgers to.



Jumbo Shrimp
Mar 14, 2019
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I don't need numbers and percentages to tell me that a position player can play in 162 games and could in theory have the game winning hit 162 times. A starting pitcher who pitches in 30 something games can only be the reason for victory in 30 something of a team's games.

Clayton Kershaw started 27 games for the 2014 Dodgers. If the Dodgers only won the games he started they would have gone 27-135. Stanton played in 145 games. If he led the team to victory in all of those games the Marlins would have gone 145-17.

The position players might make less of an impact "on each game" but they can make an impact "in more games" than a starting pitcher can. It's not even close. A position player has more potential value to a team than one starting pitcher does.
When a guy like Stanton strikes out 4 times in a game it has less of an impact on the team's ability to win the game than when a pitcher gives up 4 homers. Position players can get a game winning hit, but the last play of the game does not mean that none of the other players impacted the game leading to the win. What about the pitchers who kept it close? What about the other hitters who got on base and set up the game winning opportunity? Offense is not as reliant on one player as pitching is. And I know defense makes a big difference for pitchers, but even the best defenders are not gonna prevent runs from scoring if the pitcher is giving up nothing but lasers.


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