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Kevin Olsen


Sep 2, 2002
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Here is an article regarding his injury....

06/28/2003 2:31 AM ET
Tests on Olsen are encouraging
Pitcher hit with line drive on Friday
By Joe Frisaro / MLB.com

Olsen's injury: 56k | 300k
BOSTON -- Medical tests are encouraging that Marlins relief pitcher Kevin Olsen is not seriously hurt after he was struck in the head with a linedrive by Boston's Todd Walker Friday night at Fenway Park.

CT Scan results proved normal and Olsen was treated for a laceration on his right ear.

For roughly 10 minutes in the seventh inning, no one knew what to expect.
"When you see it, you kind of freeze up," said Marlins third baseman Mike Lowell. "It just shows you that it's a little more scary of a game than people give it credit for. That pitcher is right there. It can come in at 90 [mph], but it can come back at you at 120 [mph]."

While falling to the ground, the Florida reliever grabbed the back of his skull with his right hand as the ball caromed in the direction of the Marlins dugout. Olsen remained still, right cheek on the mound.

Olsen was immobilized and transported by gurney off the field and taken to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a short distance from Fenway. According to Dr. Richard Wolfe, the chief of emergency medical care at the hospital, Olsen's condition was "good." Olsen was kept overnight for observation and his injury appears to be minor.

The Reliever never lost consciousness and he was alert and aware of where he was as he was taken from the field.

"It was scary," Marlins manager Jack McKeon said. "There was blood by his ear. You hear this pop."

The Red Sox beat Florida 25-8 in a record-setting offensive display.

After the game, the Marlins thoughts were with Olsen.

"My thoughts and prayers are with Kevin Olsen right now," said Carl Pavano, who suffered the loss. "He's a teammate of mine, and he's a friend of mine. He seems to be OK."

Walker was credited with a double, but his mind wasn't on baseball at the time.

"It was tough to watch," he said. "I heard he was OK so that's a little comforting. I hate to see anybody get hurt. The game didn't seem so important after that. After I hit the pitcher, I was a concerned for him. I couldn't think about much else."

Olsen will go on the disabled list Saturday.


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