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Jan 31, 2011
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So earlier Joe posted videos of Bleday, Chisholm and Encarnacion in the batting cages.

Thoughts just on those videos alone:

Bleday has such a sweet lovely swing and makes amazing contact. If he stays healthy, he should be a quality major leaguer

Chisholm's swing is god awfu and scares the fuck out of me. He is your classic big power, but big strike out kind of bat. The key will be if he makes enough consistent contact with pop to account for the rest. Its a slow looping swing that I see potential issues at the big league level. He really would be better off getting that refined. Scouts seem to have this same view.

Encarnacion I know nothing about, but his swing path and sound off his bat sounds pretty nice.

See I can be positive!
I swore one of the "pluses" for Jazz was that he had super quick hands/bat so I'm a bit surprised his swing is looping and slow. At least I thought I remembered reading that about him around the time of the trade. Maybe not or maybe I confused him with someone else around that time - or maybe this is the adjustment the Marlins have made to it lol.

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