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Marlins Could Make Us Care


Aug 22, 2002
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nice article by Ethan Skolnik

here's a taste:
This team hardly has enough power to be offensively prolific for long stretches, but it seems to have the power of resiliency, afield and at-bat, and nothing will attract fans more than a scrappy group that keeps coming.

...Entering Wednesday's play, nine major league teams were already at least seven games out in their respective divisions, including the reigning division-winning Twins and Diamondbacks.

The Marlins were not one of those teams.

They are not the Tigers.

And be sure, we'll take that.

"You've got to be as consistent as you can be," Torborg said. "And that's what we've been talking about with this team. We knew we had a tough part of the schedule early. We've just got to play our game."

We've started to determine what that is, and it's really not so bad.

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