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Marlins donated nearly 1,000 jerseys, uniform pants and T-shirts to be utilized as masks


Sep 13, 2009
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Ok I’m going to be that guy for a minute because this hits close to home as a jersey collector. I’m also someone that has a job in the line of fire, so I’m not saying this from the comfort of my own couch. I understand the heart is in the right place but I don’t see the point of the jerseys going. Cotton Shirts go on right ahead. Pants are made of the older double knit material which actually has some barrier to it and are rather thick, still hurts alittle though as they are hard to find. As far as the jerseys, you can add me to the list of people I’ve seen wondering how this flex base fabric is going to help anything when it’s extremely light and you can feel a gnats fart through it. Im also going to get very selfish here and I know it. This hurts to see considering this was probably a good portion of what was left from before the Nike switchover and none of it will probably see the secondary market. Some of it I’ve read was game used stuff too, atleast on the Heats end.

Maybe someone can enlighten me on how the Flex base fabric is going to be a protective device because right now it just seems like a waste. As someone that comes in contact with infectious people with all kinds of icky on a frequent bases, I don’t know how safe I would feel wearing one. If it can be used to save a life that’s great and I retract my thought but I just don’t see it with the Flexbase material.

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