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Marlins StrikeZone goes to DC


Jun 17, 2003
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Host ?Stephie? Scouts the Nation?s Capitol for Young Fans
from the Marlins? Season Opening Series at the Nationals

Season Premiere on FSN Florida Tuesday, April 3 at 2:30pm

(SUNRISE, FL) ? This week, Marlins StrikeZone, FSN Florida?s popular baseball program for kids and their families, hits the road for the first time ever to visit the nation?s capitol in advance of the Florida Marlins? season opening series against the Washington Nationals.

The premise of this year?s premiere episode finds series host Stephie receiving a private tour of the White House and then visiting Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium, home of the Nationals, where she looks to obtain inside information and schematics on the stadium for Marlins Manager Fredi Gonzalez?s debut.

?Marlins StrikeZone on the Road? premieres statewide on FSN Florida Tuesday, April 3, at 2:30pm.

In this fun-filled episode, viewers can tag along with Stephie as she explores the White House and interviews members of the President?s staff ? including Head Chef Kris Comeford and Head Florist Wendy Elsasser. FSN Florida was granted special permission to enter the private bowling lanes, where Stephie hit a few strikes, and they were allowed to visit the Presidential China Room to view the private collections of previous administrations. Before leaving the White House, Stephie sets off on a quest to find President George W. Bush, but of course finds him unavailable behind closed-door meetings for the day.

Afterwards, it was off to R.F.K Stadium where Stephie was able to track down Nationals? Head Groundskeeper Admin DiVito, as she made an effort to obtain inside information for the Fish. Unable to take proper measurements of the outfield, Stephie boldly entered the Nationals? front office with a ruler where she was able to judge from framed photographs the distance Marlins? players would need to hit a homerun over the ?sweet spot? on the back wall. Returning to Miami, Stephie discloses her findings to Gonzalez who shakes his heads at her findings ? seven inches. Although it may not be enough to go on, he?s appreciative of Stephie?s hard work.

Before heading home to South Florida, Stephie stops at a few of the nation?s famous landmarks ? the Washington Monument, Capitol Building and the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials ? to report a little history on each.

Stephanie Vainder is the Emmy-Award winning host and Bob Grossman is the Emmy-Award winning producer of Marlins StrikeZone which is in its eighth season. The first of six original episodes scheduled for the 2007 MLB season, Marlins StrikeZone is a unique baseball experience for the kid in everyone, taking viewers beyond the playing field and shares players? interests both on and off the field.

Encore presentations scheduled for 4/7, 12:30pm; 4/12, 2:30pm; 4/14, 5pm; 4/21, 11:30am; 4/23, 2pm; and 4/28, 6pm (ET).

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