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Move over Lorena Bobbitt!



"Marion County authorities say Tommie Burnette and William Reese got into a fight Monday night, which ended with the woman chewing off a chunk of the man's scrotum.

Although Valentines Day is Friday, one couple's love-bites got out of hand, to the point where they both had to go to the hospital.

While this may not be a Wayne and Lorena Bobbitt case it does come close: very close.

54 year old William Frank Reese didn't want to be interviewed on-camera, and you can probably understand why.

He says his live-in house keeper, 39 year old Tommie Lorene Burnette, bit him in his thigh and penis, and then chewed off a chunk of skin from his scrotum.

Marion County Sheriff Bo Burnette said "the officers arrived on the scene, and saw both parties had wounds and been fighting. So both parties were arrested."

Sheriff Burnette, no relation to the woman in this story, was too embarrassed to describe on-camera the details about what happened.

He says for some still unknown reason the couple got into a fight Monday night, and Ms. Burnette then went nuts.

The Sheriff says after the woman bit Reese's scrotum, she spit the chunk of flesh into the front yard, where one of several dogs outside ate it.

Marion County investigators say Ms. Burnette was taken to Grandview Medical Center and treated for bites to her face and ear.

Deputy Jim Prince says Mr. Reese was taken to jail where officers noticed his injury. He was later treated by doctors for "a big hole in his sack."

Sheriff Burnette said "it's very unusual. Most domestics are not this bad, you know. Usually it's a black eye or something. Usually the wounds are not this bad, so it's something uncommon."

Ms. Burnette and Mr. Reese are free on a $1,000 bond, and are sceduled to appear in court on domestic assault charges.

Mr. Reese said the flesh wound is "not that big a deal," adding his testicles were not seriously injured and will be OK."


Aug 23, 2002
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which ended with the woman chewing off a chunk of the man's scrotum.

Sounds yummy.... :hanged

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