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Notes: Beckett has regrets


Oct 24, 2002
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Credit: MLB.com / Joe Frisaro

05/09/2003 7:23 PM ET
Notes: Beckett has regrets
Righty should have been forthcoming about elbow
By Joe Frisaro / MLB.com

MIAMI -- In hindsight, Marlins right-hander Josh Beckett wishes he had handled things differently.

Beckett admits to not being entirely forthcoming with the Marlins trainers and coaches when dealing with a tender right arm.

"Hindsight is 20/20," Beckett said Friday. "You can't go back and change it now, though."

By being in more pain than he let on, Beckett received a scare when his elbow tightened Wednesday night after one inning against the Giants. He had the elbow examined by orthopedic surgeon, Dr. James Andrews, in Birmingham, Ala., on Thursday.

An MRI exam revealed Beckett had an elbow sprain, encouraging news considering the fear was serious ligament damage. The Marlins are already minus ace A.J. Burnett, who was lost for the season after undergoing Tommy John surgery.

After what happened with Burnett, Marlins manager Jeff Torborg is not going to take any chances with Beckett.

"I'm going to be so, so constantly aware of what he looks like," Torborg said.

The Marlins placed Beckett, who turns 23 on May 15, on the disabled list. He will not throw for at least seven or eight days. When he is cleared to throw, he still could be a few weeks from being activated.

"I don't want to rush anything," Beckett said. "I want to be out there as much as anybody wants me to be. I'm not going to tear myself up. I have to take this thing slow. I'm going to get back to 100 percent, and then I'm going to pitch every fifth day."

For about two weeks Beckett didn't throw between starts because his arm was a bit sore.

"It was stupid on my part," Beckett said. "It was my fault. There is no blame anywhere else but me. I was up last night, after they told me I was going to be OK. I was trying to figure out why? Wondering if I could have done anything different. Sometimes elbows are luck. Good luck or bad luck."

Until the elbow was examined by Andrews, Beckett had a sleepless night.

But his mind was put at ease immediately, even before Andrews administered the MRI exam.

"When I got there, he just came out of an operation," Beckett said. "Right when he looked at it, he said it's a sprain. He said that just touching the elbow, no X-rays or nothing. That's why he's the best. This was before he took the MRI. He said I sprained it."

Beckett visited Andrews in 2000 because of right shoulder tendinitis. Andrews back then recommended a series of exercises for the right-hander to do to strengthen the shoulder.

For the elbow, Andrews has suggested some activities to keep the arm sound.

"It's scary," Beckett said. "[Andrews] said, 'Take take this like you did your shoulder three years ago. Take it very serious because it could turn into something very serious.'"

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