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Opinion on 3 trades I have declined


Ok, trade 1:

Guy wanted to trade me Papelbon for Hanley. I declined, as I already have a closer(Owens :shifty ), and way too many pitchers on the roster as is(I have to bench one every other day).

Trade 2:
Guy counter offers, wanting me to give up Hanley and Vernon Wells for Francisco Rodriguez and David Ortiz. I decline again, due to once again having too many pitchers as is.

Also like to point out that the only other SS on my team is Bobby Crosby.

That was my roto league team.

Ok, Trade 3:
This one was in my H2H league. Guy wanted me to give up Miggy for Sheffield and Rolen. Decline, yet again, as I A)dont have the room to accomodate this, as I have to drop a player before long when Harden is off the DL and B)Miggy fits in well with the rest of the offsene(Hanley, McCann, Adrian Gonzalez, Kinsler, Crawford, Teahen, and I also have Uggla, Rios, JD Drew, Freddy Sanchez, Griffey, and Ryan Doumit). I have too many players with not enough positions to fill already.

Everyone think I was right in declining these 3 trades?


Apr 6, 2006
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I might of taken trade #2...that's all.

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