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May 2, 2003
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Okay Marlins fans its time I arrive!

Packers, Twins and T'Wolves.

The Packers with the acquisitions of....

Nick Barnett (LB, Draft from Oregon State)
Al Harris (CB, Trade From Philadelphia)
Hannibal Navies (LB, Free Agent from Carolina)
Kenny Peterson (DT, Draft from Ohio State)
James Lee (DT, Draft from Oregon State)
Hunter Hillenmeyer (LB, Draft from Vanderbilt)
Derek Combs (CB, Trade from Kansas City)
Chris Johnson (DB, Draft from Louisville)

Will all spearhead a revamped Packers Defense that Ranked 2nd in Pass Defense only behind Tampa Bay. The run defense will be the main component of getting the Pack back to where they should be #1!

While getting rid of defensive uselessness...

Hardy Nickerson (LB)
Tyrone Williams (CB)
Tod McBride (CB)
Vonnie Holliday (DE)
Nate Wayne (LB)

And of course the Packers offense needs no introduction featuring 5 PRO BOWLERS....

Brett Favre (QB)
Ahman Green (RB)
Donald Driver (WR)
Bubba Franks (TE)
Marco Rivera (RG)

and some others who are Pro Bowl deserving...

William Henderson (FB)
Mike Flanagan ©

The Packers are in good hands, and with the revamped defense I look for my beloved Packers, to possibly take it up to the next level!

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