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Mar 22, 2006
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Does anyone here play pool baseball?

We have a great set up at a friend's pool where we play. you pitch across the pool, using the yellow 'banana' bat and official balls of wiffle ball that you find at walgreens. this site sells them too... http://www.wiffleballusa.com/newballs.html

Rules: We have no balls, but strikes are fouls, swinging, and we use the bar of the screening as a perfect strike. If the jerk won't swing, get the ball over to hit that bar and it's a strike. It's the only watching strike you can get. If the ball hits anywhere in fair play, it's a single, if it hits the back screen in the air, it's a HR. If it falls in the pool or is caught, it's an out. We have a set foul line but if you dont make one. It's a great game, usually 3 innings for 2 vs 2 games, 2 innings for 1 vs 1 games. I throw a fastball, curve (no one swings), change up (which gets rocked), and a knuckler which works once in a million years.

DH's are used if you have a no-pitch player and a no-hit player. For instance, I have nerve damage in my elbow, so I can't pitch very often, my girlfriend can hit so she'll hit (she won some state youth titles in softball).

So if you have a pool w a screen, try it out and let me know how it works.

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