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Jan 28, 2005
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My Players/"Top" Players at their position

Oliver Perez NYN 3.00M - Johan Santana MIN 11.00M - Pitcher
Anthony Reyes LAD 3.00M - Chris Carpenter STL 9.00M Pitcher
Henry Owens FLA .50M - Francisco Rodriguez LAA 8.78M - Pitcher (Closer)

Jason Varitek BOS 4.01M - Joe Mauer MIN 7.00M - Catcher

Delmon Young TB 4.80M - Carlos Beltran NYN 9.48M - Outfielder
Joe Borchard FLA 2.03M - Lance Berkman HOU 8.58M - Outfielder

Chris Duncan STL 5.00M - David Ortiz BOS 9.37M - Corner Infielder

Hanley Ramirez FLA 7.17M - Jose Reyes NYN 8.58M - Middle Infielder

Josh Willingham 5.19M - Travis Hafner CLE 9.48M - Designated Hitter (Or Any Other Hitter)

Total Cost 34.17M - 81.27M

I'm gonna keep Borchard there, hoping he gets the CF job, if he doesn't... I can get Eric Reed for .50M, unless someone has an idea of a similar player in a similar situation. (E.g. outfielder that would be 'cheap' but could produce this season)

Edit: Oh yeah... just realized that this didn't have a PlzThx in it :thumbup

New Edit: Changed Billingsly for Anthony Reyes

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