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Red Sox Humour with a Marlin's twist

Eddie Altamonte

Dec 31, 2005
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nothumb Mar 15 2007, 06:18 PM Post #24

" How have we been talking about dealing with the Marlins for this long without Cabrera coming up? Let's make it happen, guys. They like Murphy and Snyder, throw in MDC and see how close that gets us. Will probably cost more than that, but it's a start. Flip Lowell and a prospect for a reliever and the team starts to look filthy good.

They signed Boone for a reason, and I don't think they're paying him 925k to groom Loria's pubes."

Some of the guys over there should be freakin comedians! :rolleyes: :lol

BTW MDC is Manny Del Carmen

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