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Redman Tipping his pitches?


Sep 2, 2002
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People have said that redman has been tipping off hia pitches. Thats very bad, it can ruin his whole mechanics...Arnesberg needs to keep telling redman to stp tipiing his pitches if not everyone is going to have good swings against him. Vlad was also tipping his pitches in Atlanta.This article explains the whole situation.


Some advice to Marlins pitchers: Don't try poker.

For the second time this season, a member of the staff has been suspected of showing his hand -- or ''tipping'' his pitches -- after Mark Redman struggled in Sunday's 7-1 loss to the Atlanta Braves.

''We think he was giving his pitches away,'' manager Jeff Torborg said after the Braves struck for four early runs against the left-hander.

The Marlins were convinced Vladimir N??ez was tipping his pitches when the Braves torched him twice in Atlanta.

Braves cleanup hitter Chipper Jones pleaded ignorance.

''They've got some paranoid guys over there,'' Jones said Sunday. ``I didn't pick up anything. I didn't hear anything about it. If the other [Braves players]saw something, they didn't tell me.''

But Marlins utility infielder Mike Mordecai thought he detected Redman tipping his pitches Sunday, and quietly informed Torborg and pitching coach Brad Arnsberg.

''Just trying to help our club win the ball game,'' Mordecai said. ``If you're paying attention and looking for stuff like that, you get better at it. If your pitcher is tipping his pitches, you've got problems.''

After getting word from Mordecai, Arnsberg visited Redman on the mound in the third inning to serve warning.

''Usually you don't do that in the middle of the game,'' Torborg said. 'He told Redman, `It's a heckuva time to do this, but I want to talk to you.' Swings don't look the same.''

After Arnsberg's visit, Redman worked his way out of the bases-loaded jam and pitched two scoreless innings before exiting after the fifth.

Said Mordecai of Redman: ``It just kept getting a little more noticeable. You see the way [hitters] react to certain pitchers, and you start figuring it out that they may have something on him. You can imagine that if you're tipping your changeup, they're going to know when your fastball is coming, too.''

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