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Safe Driving Test

Das Texan

Loria can kiss my ass
Aug 18, 2002
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Inspired from gator's post....

How safe are you as a driver? Or I guess we should say how well do you know the rules of the road.

I missed two questions, but they really do not apply to me in some regards...

I missed the cellphone question and then I missed the last one about embracing a passenger.

Now I must admit that I will use a cellphone while driving, but I have a hands free device, thus allowing me the use of both of my hands for the wheel if necessary.

All the actual traffic questions, I got right....its funny, this is kinda like when I took my driver's test.....I missed the questions on drunk driving, drugs and all...cause I never gave a damn about them...

There is also a quiz testing your driving personality.....kinda interesting...it says I am exposed to high stress as a driver....I was rated as 60.

Most of it due to the fact that while I KNOW all the traffic laws, I dont always follow the ones I dont like, particularly the speed ones...hell speed itself is not necessarily unsafe...its the weaving in and out of traffic, not paying attention to what's going on around you and all...when I need to drive the speed limit, I will....but who the hell cares when there is little to no traffic...and the driving conditions are ideal.

Interesting stuff...

Check it out for yourself.

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