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Saturday Round Up: Coghlan, Cousins homer


Aug 21, 2002
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Scott Seabol hits his 10th homerun but the Topes fall 6-4 to Nashville
  • Robert Andino: 1/5 r 3b k
  • Eric Reed: 4/5 2r 3b rbi
  • Val Pascucci: 1/4 sb(7)
  • John Gall: 0/5 rbi
  • Scott Seabol: 3/4 r hr(10) rbi k
  • Brett Carroll: 1/4 2k
  • John Baker: 0/0 bb (PH)
  • Nic Ungs: (L, 2-2) 3.2ip 7h 6r(3er) 5bb 2k hr
  • Mauro Zarate: 2ip 1h 0r bb 3k
  • Matt Yourkin: 1.1 perfect innings, 2k
  • Chris Young: 1ip 1h 0r 0bb 0k
  • Ross Wolf: .2 perfect innings, k
  • Nate Field: .1ip 2h 0r 0bb k
Mudcats pound out 11 hits as Jesus Delgado picks up his 4th win a 5-2 victory over Birmingham
  • Dante Brinkley: 0/3 k cs po.... average down to .283
  • Chase Lambin: 1/3 r bb k
  • Lee Mitchell: 3/4 r rbi
  • Brett Hayes: 2/4 r 2b rbi
  • Vince Harrison: 2/4 2doubles rbi
  • Grant Psomas: 1/4 k sb(5)
  • Jai Miller: 0/4 k.... average down to .207
  • Jesus Delgado: (W, 4-3) 6ip 6h 2r(2er) 3bb 3k
  • Kurt Koehler: 2ip 1h 0r 0bb k
  • Scott Nestor: (S,1) 1ip 1h 0r bb 2k
Brett Sinkbeil shaky in second start off DL in Hammerheads 3-1 loss to Clearwater
  • Gaby Sanchez: 0/3 bb
  • Andy Jenkins: 1/4 r k
  • JT Restko: 1/3 bb
  • Torre Langley: 0/2 k
  • Trent D'Antonio: 0/2
  • Brett Sinkbeil: (L, 1-3) 4.2ip 5h 3r(3er) bb 3k
  • Wes Letson: 3.1ip 3h 0r 0bb k
  • Tim Wood: 1 perfect inning
Coghlan, Garcia and Cousins all homer in Grasshoppers 7-5 win over Kannapolis
  • John Raynor: 0/2 r 2bb 2k
  • Chris Coghlan: 2/5 r 2b hr(7) 2rbi
  • Jacob Blackwood: 0/5
  • Logan Morrison: 2/4 r 2b bb 2k
  • Spike McDougal: 2/5 r 2doubles 3k
  • Scott Cousins: 3/4 r hr(3) 3rbi k cs.... could a hot streak be on the horizon?
  • Chris Hatcher: 1/3 k
  • Daniel Garcia: 2/3 r hr(6) rbi bb
  • Greg Burns: 3/4 r k cs po
  • Hector Correa: 4ip 6h 5r(1er) 3bb 3k.... first start of 2007
  • Chris Leroux: (W, 2-1) 2ip 2h 0r 0bb k
  • Rudolfo Encarnacion: 1ip 0h 0r bb 0k
  • Jason Iehl: 1ip 1h 0r 0bb 0k
  • Brad Stone: (S,2) 1ip 0h 0r 0b 2k


Dec 5, 2005
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I might be wrong as all the stats on milb havent updated yet, but Coghlan's 45 rbi looks like the third highest total in all of the minors. Not that rbi is a key stat for evaluating a prospect, but a fun stat nonetheless. He is hitting .355/.480/.724 with runners on, and even though low a ball pitchers do tend to struggle with men on base, those are nice numbers.


Nov 29, 2003
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When will Coghlan be promoted to Jupiter? He seems to have proven he can handle the SAL.

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