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Sep 15, 2002
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I think we can all agree that even with the unfortunate injuries to our starting rotation the pitching has performed extremely well. So well, in fact that it leads the NL in ERA at 3.28 (during May)!! Our offense, however, has not been on the same page. Dwelling at the bottom in almost all RBI situational hitting categories...

Runners in scoring position... .236 (11th NL)
RISP, 2 out... .194(10th)
Close and Late.... .272 (5th) Shows me that our team never says die.

Other numbers that single out the culprit to be our hitting with RISP (of which all of us are painfully aware)

6th in AVG (.265)
7th SLG (.428)
2nd in Hits!! (367)
12th in KO's (235, a major improvement from last year)
t-6th in homeruns with 3 other clubs (42, and only 5 away from 2nd place - although the Reds have 59 :eek: )

Cool pitiching stats for month of May:
gave up fewest HR's (6)
while getting 3rd highest GB total (501) - this might be for entire season to date

Kind of jumbled, but I hope these were useful!


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