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Sunday Round Up


Aug 21, 2002
Reaction score
Lee Gardner suffers his first AAA defeat as the Topes lose 3-1 to Omaha
  • Eric Reed: 1/4 2k
  • Robert Andino: 0/4 2k
  • John Gall: 0/4
  • Dustin Hermansen: 1/3
  • Reggie Abercrombie: 0/3 3k
  • Chris George: 5ip 3h 1er 3bb 5k
  • Ben Julianel: 1ip 1h 0er 0bb 0k
  • Ross Wolf: 1ip 0h 0er bb
  • Lee Gardner: L, 1ip 2h 2r(1er)
Dante Brinkley homers 2 more times but the Hammerheads fall 7-6 to Daytona
  • Dante Brinkley: 3/3 4r 2hr(4,5) 2rbi bb sb.... up to .344, might be looking at a promotion soon as he is too old for this level anyway
  • Gaby Sanchez: 3/5 2doubles 2rbi
  • Brad McCann: 1/5 r hr(3) rbi k.... speaking of promotions, McCann is hitting .370
  • JT Restko: 1/5 r
  • Andy Jenkins: 1/4
  • Wes Letson: 4ip 3h 1er bb 4k
  • Jarrett Santos: 2ip 1h 1er bb
  • Timothy Wood: 1ip 2h 3er 2bb
  • Todd Doolittle: BS, L, 1ip 3h 2er bb 2k

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