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Terry Bradshaw NOT Dead


Terry Bradshaw now knows what Mark Twain meant when he said "reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated."

Rumors that Bradshaw, a Shreveport native, had died of a heart attack swept through the area Thursday.

They were wrong. KTBS talked to a friend of Bradshaw's family Thursday afternoon. He said Bradshaw was on vacation in Mexico and has talked to his parents in Shreveport and told them he is OK.

Bradshaw won four Super Bowls in a Hall of Fame career with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He's now a pro football analyst for Fox Sports.

One theory as to how the rumor got started was that a local radio station reported a wreck on the Terry Bradshaw Passway -- part of the Inner Loop -- and that was misunderstood to say Bradshaw had passed away.
Jan 28, 2005
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Ditto... I saw the headline... and thought... ok... it's obvious to everyone but me?

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