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Things to watch for in tonight game

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Aug 21, 2002
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* Dessens is pretty good against the Marlins lifetime 3-0 1.35( I could be off a little). So again patience will be key again for the Marlins hitters. Dessens hasn't been to good a Bank One this year opp. is batting over .300 against him. SO PLEASE PATIENCE!

* Todd Hollandsworth could have a big game.It could be wishful thinking but I got a good vide on Holly tonight. I think Hollandsworth problem is his trying to pull everything. They keep pitching him away, away, away. Until he takes that ball to LF. He's going to keep striking out. A good thing thou is his playing a NLWest, which couldn't hurt tonight.

*Baerga appears to be hitting light out with Arizona .395 in limited duties but could play a factor.

*Gonzo started slow and is now getting starting to hot. He's the ONLY ONE IN THIS LINE-UP THAT COULD HURT YOU.

* Are old friend Mantei is back and is the team closer now. I hope we don't see. you know..

* The Marlins SHOULD split if not take the series. The Brew Crew just two weeks ago sweep Arizona in Bank One. This is going to be a pitchers series. There guns against our. Again our guys have to step it up.

The team might be flat emotional not just because of yesterday game but AJ going down. That was a major blow to this guys it might linger...

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