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Torberg strikes again


Aug 24, 2002
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Folks, first let me say seeing Todd Hollandsworth is getting to be more painful than a root canal. A lot of fingers have been pointed at Vladdy after the road trip, and rightly so (although I have no doubt he'll be back to normal soon), but Hollandsworth is dead weight on this team right now. With runners on 3 and less than 2 out he ALWAYS strikes out. If there is a man on 2nd he will always hit into a double play. We need to play Banks at least until Mr. Holly gets a clue with the bat.

My main point is that Torberg killed us again tonight. He is constantly saying how we need our starters to go longer to give the 'pen a break and look what he did tonight. Pavano pitched 7 great innings throwing right at 90 pitches, and he lifts him for a pinch hitter with 2 out and nobody on. I was irate at the time, and got even madder when the Brewers scored 2 in the top of the 8th. I like Torberg, but he has no clue how to manage a game or a bullpen or anything baseball related it looks like. As I mentioned before I also blame him for making Nunez look bad. This is a guy that has had an ERA in the 3's the past couple of years and everybody knew he was in a funk, yet Torberg brought him in repeatedly with the game on the line. This team has to persevere through the other team as well as their manager. It's really getting ridiculous.

On a positive note, after 22 games of mediocre baseball on our part, we are .500 during a really tough stretch. A few of our guys look like they are breaking out and the rest of the year could be fun :)

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